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    New Electric Renovo Coupe At Pebble Beach, California

    American Renovo Motors will expose in Pebble Beach, California, an electric car simply called Renovo Coupe. Basically, this is the electric version of Shelby Daytona Coupé and has over 500HP and 1354 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 km) takes just 3.4 seconds, top speed is more than 120 mph (193 […] More

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    Sora Electric Bike From Lito Green Motion

    Canadian Lito Green Motion has began producing electric motorcycles named Sora. After several years of development and testing, the brand from Quebec completes the first copies of the two-wheeler, which will be presented to the public at the Salon in Montreal next year. Sora is electric motorcycle that drives three-phase alternating current motor with 90 […] More

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    Feddz Electric Scooter

    More and more interests deserve electric vehicles especially two-wheeled. The FEDDZ is not just another regular electric scooters, because it is designed for transport of any cargo. Yes, some of the current models offer the possibility of putting bags from stores, and even have a separate mini storage cargo, but the scooter company Emo-Bike, full […] More

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    Ice Truck Is On The Road

    Canadian manufacturer of batteries Tire wanted to test the durability of their products in the coldest conditions, and hired artists to develop an ice ‘ pick- up’ truck, in life-size. The truck was then driven about a mile and melted down for about 40 hours. Together with sculptors from all over Ontario, in place called […] More

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    Serial BMW i8 Officially At Frankfurt Motor Show

    BMW i3 has been presented, and now the serial i8, at a cost of $167,000, will be presented at Frankfurt Motor Show. Family of BMW‘s new sub-brand “i” will in fact have a few more members. The new BMW i8 is Sporty 2 2 Plug-in Hybrid, which will dispose of a combined power output of […] More

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    BMW i8 To Debut At Frankfurt Auto Show

    BMW i3 has been presented, now is the turn on BMW i8. Family of BMW‘s new sub-brand “i” will in fact have a few more members. At the Frankfurt Motor Show this September BMW will have its official premiere of serial i8. Sporty 2 +2 Plug-in Hybrid, which will dispose of a combined power output […] More

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    Robot From 1950 On Auction

    Fans of science fiction with a slightly deeper pockets will be able to bought a large robot from the 1950s at next month’s auction in London. It is expected that a robot named Cygan, reach the price of $18.500. Weighs half a ton, machine, which is a bit like the Tin Man from “The Wizard […] More

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    Electric Mission RS Motorcycle

    For a long time we have not heard about the Mission R motorcycle, electric superbike signed by Mission Motors. This motorcycle is the most beautiful electric motorcycle that we do now have a chance to see, and that beauty would soon be able to admire more and more often. It looks like Mission Motors finally […] More

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    New Breitling Emergency II Watch

    Heir of Breitling Emergency model is expected for a long time. At this year’s Baselworld, Emergency II is presented. It is a “boulder” of the watch (diameter 51mm), but also the real miracle of technology. Intended primarily for pilots, and any other individuals who may be found in dangerous situations, Emergency II in terms of […] More

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    Vintage Cykno Electric Bicycle

    Although it seems that was brought from the early 20 century, this bike is more than a simple and old model. A new Italian-made eBike, from Cykno Electric Bicycle was presented at the Milan design week. Cykno is an exclusive and precious solution for an evolved and conscious clients who are aware of sustainable mobility […] More

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    New Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Must-have High-end Smartphone

    A new phone from Samsung Company – Galaxy S4 has been introduced in New York recently. Interests for the new model was immense, and the large number of people followed the premiere via a special YouTube channel. One of the leaders of the South Korean company JK Shin opened the ceremony and talked about the […] More

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    Vertu Ti, The Brand’s First Android Phone

    Shortly after the first rumors have surfaced that show significant evidence that will soon appear first Vertu ti phone with Android operating system, the brand’s firstborn saw the light of the day. It seems that the luxury and high prices are not enough, but for a new generation of Vertu Ti required and the capability […] More

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