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Hammacher Schlemmer Professional Microbrewery

Hammacher Schlemmer's Professional Microbrewery

Lager is proof that God loves us. Lager quenches thirst, refreshes, invigorates and relaxes. It is also very healthy. The positive effect of lager and healing, people recognized even in ancient times. Now thanks to the Hammacher Schlemmer you can have your own brewing system used in professional microbreweries, and have your own home lager. […]

Stella Artois Cidre – Crisp and Refreshing

Stella Artois Cidre

Stella Artois is one of the most recognized international brands, who in the world is synonymous with beer of superior quality and value. Since its inception way back from 1366. until today, Stella Artois beer has become the world’s most iconic beers, with its distinctive packaging and glass. I choosiest consumers like Stella Artois beer […]

World’s Most Expensive Beer – Sam Adams Ultra-strong Utopias Beer

Sam Adams Ultra-strong Utopias Beer

The beer has always considered as cheap drink, available to everyone. Samuel Adams raised production of this world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage to the highest level. Sam Adams ultra-strong Utopias beer, the tenth anniversary batch officially set the world record for the Most Expensive Beer Commercial Available! This, Sam Adams’ most renowned barrel-aged, extreme […]

Guinness Launches New Black Lager Across US In September

Guinness New Black Lager

Although summer is almost over, there’s nothing better in the heat of the bottle of good iced beer. So, Guinness recently announced the newest addition to its family of quality beers: Guinness Black Lager, that must best be enjoyed cold – even over ice. The company says new beer combines the refreshing taste of lager with the […]

Rex Attitude – The World’s ‘First Whisky Beer’

Yeastie Boys' Rex Attitude Beer

Yeastie Boys’ Rex Attitude New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys, Sam and Stu, is all set to release the Rex Attitude, the world’s first single-malt, peat-smoked golden ale. The use of 100% heavily-peated Scottish distilling malt results in one of the smokiest beers ever released and the world’s first whisky beer. Unlike most beers made with the […]

Make Your Own Beer In Seven Days With The World’s First Personal Brewery

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery by Ian Williams and Anders Warn Of all home appliances, this is my favorite – the world’s first personal brewery. The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery is created by brewmaster Ian Williams and food technology engineer Anders Warn. They worked for two years to solve a problem faced by millions of brewers around the […]

The World’s Most Expensive Beer – Antarctic Nail Ale


Antarctic Nail Ale – The World’s Most Expensive Beer There’s a new contestant for the title of world’s most expensive beer. On November 3 at the Sea Shepherds auction in Fremantle, the number one bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale Brew was sold for $800. The limited edition beer, of which only thirty bottles were brewed, […]