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Bentley For Men Azure Collection

New Car Smell: Bentley Motors Releases Azure Men's Cologne

Bentley luxury brand expands its range of perfumes, which were launched last year, with a new set of fragrances for men, Bentley Azure. The smell of new perfume is described as a woody, aromatic and powerful. Bentley brand with this new exclusive collection wants to attract sports fans and men with style. The main notes […]

Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis

Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis

Instead of cars, Bentley has drawn attention with the latest collection of their skis with signature of Swiss company Zai. Zai has managed to combine the “art of making the highest quality with strict aesthetic standards and sensibilities that connects Bentley heritage and tradition of quality, exclusivity and style, with the technical and architectural aspects […]

Tibaldi for Bentley – The New GT Collection

Tibaldi for Bentley Collection

Bentley‘s pen partner since 2007 – Tibaldi has faithfully translated the Bentley remarkable virtues into an exceptional range of writing instruments. There is now a new remarkable range – the New GT pen collection. Each of the pen reflects the design, finish and a base material of brass with rhodium plating that characterise Bentley GTs. […]

Bentley Mulsanne Get Limited Edition Birkin


Bentley Motors introduced a new limited edition Birkin Mulsanne, exclusively for European customers. The new model draws its inspiration from Sir Henry “Tiger Tim” Birkin, that member of the legendary Bentley Boys, who traveled extensively in Europe in the thirties and denied numerous races. The vehicle has a number of unique design features and a […]

Bentley Debut the Continental GT V8 S in North America


Bentley has unveiled its newest, and most efficient Continental model – GT V8 S at the 2014 NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit. The new 4.0 litre, twin turbocharged V8 Continental GT coupe and GTC convertible achieve exceptional standards for power-to-emissions in the high luxury sports car sector. “The GT V8 S is […]

Bentley Continental Supersports Toy

Radio-Controlled Bentley Continental Supersports

For $85 you can buy Bentley Continental Supersports. It is not a joke. The car is not stolen. It’s new. But its only flaw is that it is a toy. If you can not afford the real Bentley Continental Supersports, maybe it is the right thing for you, or for your kid. This radio-controlled Bentley […]

Bentley Mulsanne Shaheen

Bentley has prepared, for this year's Dubai Motor Show, a new special edition

Like Rolls-Royce, Bentley has prepared, for this year’s Dubai Motor Show, a new special edition of one of its models. It is a Bentley Mulsanne Shaheen, specially designed for the Middle East market, where the Bentley had a sales increase of 53 percent. The inspiration for this Bentley was found in Shaheen eagle, while for […]