FitWet Jet Bike – Stationary Bike in Hot Tub Helps to Get Perfect Body

FitWet Jet Bike is a revolution in exercise equipment. This jet bike makes exercise so attractive due to its operating mode – that’s actually a stationary bike, immersed in a personal hot tub.
Already known that exercise in water is much more effectively than regular workouts. According manufacturer, FitWet Jet Bike offers you exercise with 12 times higher intensity than in the air. No wonder, when during exercise, you actually combine the effects of pedaling, water resistance, jets, ozone and chromatherapy. All your muscles are activated – the quadriceps, the buttocks muscles, the tighs, the ischios, the abdominal belt, the glutes, the calves. FitWet claims that 30 minutes of Jet Biking is equivalent to two hours on a standard bike. While pedaling in the air burns a maximum of 400cal/hour for user in perfect physical condition, while on FitWet Jet Bike the result is a 800cal/hour, even for beginners. And for all those who have problems with “orange skin”, this revolutionary device allows strong reduction of the cellulite due to its 12 jets massage, which will also help you to relax your muscles while you pedaling. FitWet Jet Bike comes loaded with highly useful features like the triple thick saddle, drink holder, LED multifunction touch screen, ergonomic handles, and the heart rate and burned calorie measures. For me, the best part is no more irritating sticky sweating! [youtube][/youtube]