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    iPhone 4 Black Diamond by Gresso Solve the Signal Problem

    Gresso, a well known company for luxury devices has come up with the new one this time in the form of iPhone 4 Black Diamond. Along with enhancing its glam factor, they are also claiming to eliminate the signal problems. This time they have studded the 18 carat gold Apple logo on the unique 200-year-old […] More

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    Mercedes SLK 200 Coated with Swarovski Crystals

    A stunning Mercedes SLK 200 stood draped in Swarovski crystals outside a mall in Hong Kong.  Dressed from head-to-toe in Swarovski crystal, there’s absolutely nothing subtle about this ride. Heck, even the car’s interior has been given the crystal treatment making us all wonder how somebody can go out on the streets of Hong Kong […] More