Bovet Amadeo 45 Chronograph Cambiano Edition by Pininfarina

Bovet Amadeo 45 Chronograph Cambiano Watch Bovet Amadeo 45 Chronograph Cambiano Watch The Italian design company Pininfarina has perfectied the design for many years that became popular for a unique industrial look. In honor of the eighty-year collaboration with Bovet, they’ve once again joined forces for another multi-usable watch, namely the Amadeo45 Chronograph Cambiano. The Chronograph Cambiano edition 2011 is structured with contrasting finishes and surface treatments selected with meticulous attention to detail. The superbly proportioned Amadeo convertible case allows the timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, miniature clock, pocket watch or sports counter. The 45mm case, made of stainless steel with black DLC coating, houses a Fleurier caliber 13BA01 with 35 jewels and a power reserve of 50 hours. Bovet craftsmen used their expertise and experience to accurately convey the intent of the Italian designers and create a dial of technical complexity. The finished article, comprising 35 components on five levels, meets all design criteria – design, volumes, legibility and sportiness.

Bovet Amadeo Mille Fleurs Convertible Watch

Bovet Amadeo Mille Fleurs Convertible Watch Bovet Amadeo Mille Fleurs Convertible Watch An incredibly romantic and equally precious gift from Bovet could be the Mille Fleurs Watch from the Amadeo collection. Featuring the Amadeo case, models in the Mille Fleurs collection have an either white or black motherof- pearl dial with 12 diamond indexes and are decorated with a miniature hand-painting. Customers can request all sorts of flowers from Bovet. In fact, when it comes down to it, customers can request just about anything to be painted on the dial. It has detachable straps and comes with an optional gold chain. This allows the watch to be either a wrist watch, pocket watches, pendant watch, or desk clock.

Bovet Ottanta Tourbillon by Pininfarina – Four Watches in One

Pininfarina may be best known for designing Ferraris – just about every one, in fact, for the past several decades – but the Italian design house has a growing portfolio that extends far beyond automobiles to include furniture, trains and much more. This, however, appears to be new territory for the coachbuilder.
Bovet Ottanta Tourbillon by Pininfarina

Bovet Ottanta Tourbillon by Pininfarina

Bovet recently introduced the Pininfarnia Ottanta Tourbillon. At first glance, it appears that it is designed to be worn on your wrist like a traditional wristwatch, and it is. But it can also be flipped around, like a Reverso, allowing you to display either the caseback or dial side. That’s not it, though, it can also convert into a pocket watch. And if that is not enough, it even converts into a miniature clock. So, essentially, you get four watches for the one price.

Bovet Fleurier Amadeo Watch Collection – Easily Convertible Timepieces

Bovet’s quest to transform the Bovet pocket watch on the wrist back into a pocket watch began years ago, when Mr. Raffy wanted to make his timepieces better suit the lifestyle of their owners.More than seven years of research later, and the Amadeo concept is the result. The Amadeo is a unique patented system that allows the Bovet timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, a pocket watch, a table clock and much more.

BOVET Fleurier Amadeo 43mm Classic

Now, with no tools, the Bovet timepiece can be used in eight different ways:
* As a wristwatch * As a pocket watch * As a table clock * As a pendant watch * As a kimono watch * As a brooch watch * As a dashboard watch * As a reversible wristwatch