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    Red McLaren F1 Sold For $10.5 Million

    McLaren F1 continues to surprise even 16 years after the last copy left the production facilities. It seems that the F1 model is more expensive from day to day, and one red colored was recently sold for $10.5 Million. Only 106 copies were made in Woking factory between 1992 and 1998, and only 64 of […] More

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    French Government Is Selling A $48Million Luxury Apartment In NY

    The French government selling for $48Million a luxury apartment of its ambassador to the UN in New York. Luxury apartment was purchased in 1979 for two million dollars. It is located in the district of Manhattan, in a building in New York called “The Billionaires Building.” It was built in 1929, by order of Jackie […] More

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    $5,000,000 Worth Pagani Zonda R

    Last, personalized copy of the limited edition Pagani Zonda R, currently on display at the Geneva, will cost a buyer from Japan a whopping $5,000,000. Horacio Pagani, founder of the Italian car company “Pagani Automobili” probably worships the number five, says Matt Davis, journalist in Pagani usually produces limited edition of five original vehicles. […] More

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    Parking Spot In San Francisco Sold For $82,000

    Growth of real estate prices in the U.S. reflected in the price of parking spaces, so a place to park a car in San Francisco sold for $82,000. Parking spot is a dimension of 8- by 12-foot, located in the garage of the building in the modern part of South Beach. The building where the parking […] More

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    Apple 1 Sold For $671,000 At The Auction

    As we previously announced the first personal computer model from Apple, who founders of the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak manually compiled, sold for, not for pre-estimated $389,525, but a whopping $671,400. Even after Jobs death almost two years ago, the world remains enthralled with Apple’s mythology. Last november for an Apple-1 was paid […] More