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    What Men Love to Buy

    Men are different from women, they prefer, an expensive, high-quality and proven fact. Although it will be difficult to remove from the woman the label, masters for shopping and spending money, the statistics show that men don’t lag when these leisure activities are concerned. The smell, taste and touch of luxury combined with the practical […] More

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    Calvin Klein’s New York City Penthouse on Sale for $35 Million

    Luxury duplex penthouse in New York, once owned by the world-famous fashion mogul Calvin Klein is making its second on-the-market debut. Thanks to its prime position overlooking Central Park in New York, beside fact it belonged to Calvin Klein, the 5,000-square-foot penthouse achieve the price of $35 million! Interesting thing is this apartment was owned […] More

  • Jennifer Lawrence - Calvin Klein's Katniss Silk-crepe Dress

    Calvin Klein’s $5000 Katniss Dress Inspired by Hunger Games

    Calvin Klein just released a dress, named Katniss from its Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s character in Hunger Games, the Calvin Klein creative director, Francisco Costa in fact is returning the favor to an actress, who wore his dress at red-carpet ceremony two times. The dress, which was first sent down the runway in […] More