What Men Love to Buy

Men are different from women, they prefer, an expensive, high-quality and proven fact. Although it will be difficult to remove from the woman the label, masters for shopping and spending money, the statistics show that men don’t lag when these leisure activities are concerned. The smell, taste and touch of luxury combined with the practical side, for men is a winning combination. That offers a list of brands aimed at the male part of the population with the highest turnover in the past few years. What most men buy and which brands they trust?
Men are different from women, they prefer, an expensive, high-quality and proven fact. The tenth place is the Davidoff, Swiss reputable brand with a long tradition in the production of tobacco products. Followed by Hennesey leading cognac in the world that can boast annual sales of about 50 million bottles. The  Hennesey popularitycontributed to the hip-hop stars from Eminem to Snoop Dogg-who promoted the luxurious drink. Dom Perignon, the most famous champagne in the world, is in eighth place, although it was expected to be found near the top due to popular tradition and quality. Paul Smith is an English fashion house, which its first collection introduced 40 years ago in Paris. The design team is known for jeans, perfumes, shoes and watches. Tag Hauer is next on the list with the precious collections of clocks, a stopwatch, and accessories. The company was established in 1860 and today is known for its production of glasses, cell phones, jackets, belts and bags, and we know that love him and bear Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods … Without Rolex, this list would not be complete. The world’s foremost manufacturer of fame watches, among other things, acquired as a sponsorship and support for major sporting events. Rolex has launched the first waterproof watch 1926 and a watch showing the time in two time zones, and that automatically changes the day and date. Hugo Boss is quite expected on men’s favorite list. As the district has earned the confidence of quality and stylish design and boasts 364 outlets. They are known for clothing, but also for cosmetics and fashion accessories. Armani is for years is the leading on men’s garment scene, primarily in the business world. Georgio Armani has gone a step further and successfully deals with the interior design. Armani has existed since 1975.-te. The American brand that 50 years ago started life of jacket collection and is named after its founder, Calvin Klein with the eighties was particularly known and highly respected for producing underwear. Polo Ralph Lauren at the end, is the most acceptable to modern man. This fashion house guarantees secure shopping if the buyer is primarily interested in high quality and classic design. Since 1967 Ralph Lauren, launched several collections that are designed to both women and children, as well as the interior. Worldwide there are 179 stores.  

Calvin Klein’s New York City Penthouse on Sale for $35 Million

Luxury duplex penthouse in New York, once owned by the world-famous fashion mogul Calvin Klein is making its second on-the-market debut. Thanks to its prime position overlooking Central Park in New York, beside fact it belonged to Calvin Klein, the 5,000-square-foot penthouse achieve the price of $35 million!
Interesting thing is this apartment was owned by fashion mogul twice. During his first ownership in the 80’s, Klein installed a hot-tub on the roof-top terrace, while a second time in the 90′s, he tore down all the interior walls to create a larger, open living space in a minimalist style, clearly noticeable in his designs. The 12 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 4.5-bathroom, 5,000-square-foot apartment also has an additional 2,000 square feet of terraces. Now owned by to ex-record executive Steve Gottlieb, has given up on his grand plans to combine the empty space with his 18th-floor residence below. He invested around $5 million into renovations of this luxury home which boasts a 37-foot gallery, a 27-foot-long living room and a 30-foot-long dining room. A sprawling master suite with fireplace overlooks the Eastern and Northern terraces, and includes French Doors opening to the East-facing wrap terrace. Each spacious bedroom includes ample closets and full baths, en suite. “Every day is a miracle from up here,” Gottlieb said about apartment, which has also belonged to entertainment bigwig David Geffen and starred as Superman’s home in the 1978 Christopher Reeve movie. Raphael De Niro and Howard Margolis of Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate have the listing.

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