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    Sugar Chair – $11,000 Sweet Made Out Of Pure Sugar

    Sugar Chair – The Most Eexpensive Lollipop Which is the biggest lollipop you’ve ever seen? I’m sure it was not in the form of chairs and did not cost anywhere near $11,000! Pieter Brenner, a Dutch-born, German designer made exactly that – Sugar Chair worth $11,000. He claims, it will be the biggest, most expensive […] More

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    Bon Bon by Ypsilon – Candy Colored Small Bathroom Vanity

    Bon Bon Small Bathroom Vanity from Ypsilon Italian design firm Ypsilon has presented a preview of new bathroom classic vanity named Bon Bon, distinguished with its candy-coloured body. The new Bon Bon, small  bathroom vanity is really compact so it’s suitable for any bathroom or powder room. It’s candy colored structure can make of the […] More