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New 2016 BMW 7 Series Officially Unveiled

2016 BMW 7 Series

BMW has officially presented to the public a new generation of its most luxurious limousines. It is the new 7 Series, which will continue to be available now in standard form (trade mark G11) and the variant with extended wheelbase (G12). The factory data say that thanks to the significant use of carbon fiber reinforced […]

Warner Bros Officially Unveiled Its New Wild Batmobile

Batmobile From Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Studio Warner Bros has unveiled the latest version of Batmobile, strip-car, that will appear in the latest action film “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of justice.” A vehicle, that resembles a modern tank, is shown at an exhibition in Las Vegas, where visitors were able to see the costumes from the latest saga of Batman, whose […]

Special BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition

BMW 640i Coupe M Performance

After special edition of the Series 5, BMW has introduced in Japan another special edition of one of its models. Last specialist in the series is the BMW 640i Coupe M Performance Edition, in Alpine White color with black front “kidney”, mirrors made of carbon fiber, a set of 20-inch M alloy wheels, adaptive LED […]

Rowan Atkinson Sold His McLaren F1 For $12.25Million

Rowan Atkinson Selling His McLaren F1 For $12 Million

The actor, Rowan Atkinson, for decades known as “Mister Bean” and “The Black Adder”, sold his sports car, McLaren F1 model, for impressive 8 Million Pounds, or about $12,250,000. This is considered one of the largest transactions in the car market in the UK, especially if we know that Atkinson, twice, really crashed this car, […]

Rare Ferrari F40 LM Is On Sale In Japan

Ferrari F40 LM

In Japan, these days is on sale another exclusive car. It is Ferrari F40, which was made in a total of 1,311 copies, of which only 17 copies are in version F40 LM. One of those 17 copies of Ferrari F40 LM is now offered for sale in the land of the rising sun. Bingo […]

Sin City Hustler On Sale For $1Million

Sin City Hustler

Big Toyz Racing Motors from the United States, offers on sale a unique copy of the extended Ford Excursion, for a 1 Million dollars. The vehicle is also known by the nickname “Sin City Hustler,” and it has length of 9.75 meters, a width of 3.59 meters, a height of 3.65 meters and a wheelbase […]

Paganu Huayra By Customs SS

Paganu Huayra By Customs SS

American Customs SS tuning house, has decided to modifies, visual appearance of anyway exclusive Pagani Huayra model. Customs SS tuning house, did not modified the already powerful aero kit, neither engine, but after their work, Pagani Huayra has got “satin black chrome” parts with the red lines on the exterior. Pagani Huayra by Customs SS […]