Parabellum New Line Bison and Kevlar Laptop and iPad Cases

Parabellum Bison and Kevlar Laptop Case Parabellum Bison and Kevlar Laptop Case Los Angeles label Parabellum has launched a new line of Bison Hide and Kevlar Laptop and iPad Cases. Parabellum has set their sights high to offer the absolute best in high-quality and long-lasting accessories. With a focus on re-visiting the old artisan techniques that have seemingly gone the way-side in favor of mass-market production, each piece from Parabellum starts with the finest of materials including Reservation Bison leathers, lamb skin, military grade ceramic and kevlar. The Laptop Case for $980 is designed for safe and luxurious storage and transit of either a 15″ or 17″ laptop. That’s not just hype, the case is lined in pure cashmere, vintage 1940s dead stock cashmere from the UK. It’s made of deep textured Reservation Bison with leather and Kevlar reinforcements and features a carrying strap, super smooth zipper and a ceramic covered snap lock. Each piece is individually numbered for authenticity.

Chanel Retrograde Mysterieuse J12 to Celebrate Its Successful 10 Years

To celebrate the J12’s tenth anniversary, Chanel is offering a totally new watchmaking complication where aesthetics bow to technical prowess. The Chanel Rétrograde Mysterieuse J12 features a specially developed movement which moves the crown from the side of the case to on the side of the dial to preserve the aesthetic curves of the watch.

Chanel Rétrograde Mystérieuse J12 - Black Ceramic White Gold

With the help of Guilio Papi, a new face of limited edition Retrograde Mysterieuse J12 watches with an even more complicated mechanism. These watches will be available as 10 limited edition pieces each in 18 carat gold and 18 carat pink gold. Laced with a tourbillon movement, the hands will run in the reverse direction between the 10 and 20 minutes each hour only to come back to its position after 10 minutes.