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    Gothicism – $7,300 Steam Punk Coffee Machine

    Dutch Lab is South Korean coffee brand which specialize in cold drip coffee brewers (AKA slow drip coffee or Dutch coffee) with majestic, luxurious and sometimes even fantastic designs. Such one example is their architectural steampunk cold drip coffee machine called Gothicism. This project follows the steampunk theme seen throughout the studio’s previous creations, such […] More

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    Barisieur – Coffee-making Alarm Clock

    Forget about waking up with phone’s vibrating or blaring noise! British designer Joshua Renouf has created a product that make the start of your day very, very pleasant. Not only this alarm clock will wake you up very gentle, but will also make you a cup of coffee as you snooze. The Barisieur is a […] More

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    World’s Most Expensive Coffee Maker – Blossom One Limited

    When NASA and Apple engineers join their forces, you’ll probably think it’s about some space shuttle. But in this case, it’s about coffee machine, and not any kind, but most expensive in the world. Designed by former NASA and Apple engineers and developed by the president of Blossom Jeremy Kuempel, this world’s most expensive coffee […] More