224 Year-Old Cognac Bottle worth $77,000 Smashed by Clumsy Customer

If someone offered me to take a look to bottle of cognac, which is worth $77,000, I would say “No, thank you!!!”, fearing of what just recently happened. If we add that the cognac bottle is  224-years old, then the damage is really priceless. A regular customer at the Playboy Club in London experienced this my fear, when accidentally smashed the bottle of antique Cognac dating back to 1788. To be even more unfortunate, this happened just days before it was about to be used in the world’s most expensive cocktail.
The difference between him and me is in that he actually ordered two glasses of mentioned drink – the 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux, which were priced at $7,830, and after that he wanted to see the bottle, but he got up and accidentally knocked it off the table. And, now, whether his curiosity worth $77,000!? The bottle had previously been sold for $37,000 at an auction in 2009 and was supposed to have been featured this week by famed mixologist Salvatore Calabrese.