Meridian Select Programme – Bespoke Colour Service for Meridian Customers

Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio, widely recognized as a world-leader in high quality audio and video reproduction, is now offering the ultimate bespoke color service, Meridian Select, to customers worldwide. In today’s interiors market, there is a huge array of furniture finishes available. As a result, consumers have a very specific idea of what themes they want to complement their living environment. The Meridian Select program not only meets the requirements of the market but also responds to customers’ wishes for a broader range of product color options to co-ordinate with their interiors. Meridian Select has used the RAL classic system (the most popular European color reference standard today) to offer a vast choice of colors to achieve the ideal surroundings for customers. Customers are sent a sample of their selected color to sign off before their products are manufactured in six weeks time.