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    Apple 1 Computer Handmade by Steve Jobs and Wozniack on Auction

    The first personal computer model from Apple, who founders of the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak manually compiled is expected to fetch a price of nearly $389,525! The first computer developed by late Steve Jobs, the Apple 1, which first showed up with a price of $666, and still work flawlessly has lately shown […] More

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    Luvaglio Made A Million Dollar Laptop

    The most expensive car, the most expensive apartment, most expensive mobile phone, and now we have definitely the most expensive laptop. Its developed by the British company Luvagio, and believe it or not, it costs a million dollars whole. This extraordinary device also includes a 17-inch screen, 128GB Solid State Drive, Blu-ray drive. In it […] More

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    L3P D3SK Incredible Glowing Desktop Computer

    L3P D3SK Computer Mod While most people are racing to create smaller computers, a 30-year-old Dutch guy named Peter wanted to create an all-in-one desk, so he has built L3P D3SK. This water-cooled computer desk is made out of aluminum and glass materials. The computer mod features a three piece monitor setup and an impressive […] More