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    Luxury Concrete Sinks By Pietra Danzare

    Nice and durable, these contemporary concrete sinks from the company Pietra Danzare have a cool industrial chic design, coupled with a touch of luxury. They are made in a form of a rectangular plate, which looks like they were shaped by water, and has a flat, a slight decrease towards the sewer. You can customize […] More

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    Concrete Audio N1 – Strong Speakers Made of Concrete for Equal Sound

    When talking about ultra-contemporary hi-fi speakers, we have to mention new technologically advance speaker system – Concrete Audio N1. Designed for those who seek both unrivaled purity and clarity in sound resonance and for those that adhere to an exclusive ‘audiophile-class’ lifestyle, this new gadget is actually perfect combination of plain concrete and state of […] More

  • Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski

    Solid Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski

    Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski Break the tradition of using wood in the speaker technology, an Israeli designer Shmuel Linski has designed a Concrete Speaker as a part of his graduation project. The speakers don’t provide sound in the same way a traditional speaker would, as they don’t resonate sound from the material itself, but use […] More