Hermès Birkin Handbag Sold for $82,600

Handmade leather bag of fashion house
Hermès, which is named after the actress Jane Birkin, for more than twenty years is a status symbol and the queen of bags. Price of legendary bags varies depending on the material it is made of, and it would, roughly speaking, is in the range between $9,000 and $150,000. Bags are shipped to the boutiques fashion house Hermès in unexpected times and limited quantities, thus creating a myth and uniqueness. A Crocodile-skin Hermes Birkin Handbag A crocodile skin Birkin handbag has sold for a record of $82,600 at Artcurial’s auction in Paris. The previous record sale price for a Birkin bag was $79,000, during a 2011 auction in Paris. The bag was manufactured in 2006 and is characterized by by its unusual combination of orange, red and pink colours. Birkin is one of the most recognized bags in the fashion industry. It is requested, the waiting list for it, and in one point reached six years! However, in April, 2010 the Hermes announced that the waiting list would no longer exist, because of increase in production capacity.  

Crocodiles On The Beaches! Lacoste Lab’s Eco-Friendly Surfboard

Lacoste is not only a fashion brand, it’s rather a lifestyle brand! That’s now so obviously. Beside expressing in various fields, from clothing and shoes, through perfume and watches, all way to their famous tennis shirts, “The Crocodile” brand is now well demonstrated in designing surfboards. Lacoste, led by Christophe Pillet and Jean-Pierre Stark, joined their forces to develop a particularly modern and fine-shape eco-friendly surfboard. And so the crocodiles appeared on the beaches!
Lacoste LAB's Surfboard

Lacoste LAB’s Surfboard

Taking advantage of the environmental approach of NOTOX, Lacoste has designed surfboard which is hand shaped by Jean-Pierre Stark and it features specific FCS “performance glass” fins, high-quality polyurethane foam blanks and Lanimation : polyester resins, fiberglass. Ride the waves at your favorite beach with none other than Lacoste Lab surfboards. Here is the list of other interesting Lacoste Lab’s products: CITROËN Concept Car, Boomerang, Board Short, Bike Helmet, Rugby Ball, Golf Clubs, Golf Gloves, Rollers, Ski, Swimsuit, Tennis Racquet/Balls… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMLUIf0iKY4[/youtube]

Lacoste LAB's Surfboard

Lacoste LAB's Surfboard

Lacoste LAB's Surfboard

Ride the Waves on LACOSTE LAB’s Eco-Friendly Surfboard

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Alexander Amosu Offers Bespoke iPad 2 Cases

Alexander Amosu Matt Black Crocodile IPad 2 case Alexander Amosu Matt Black Crocodile IPad 2 case Luxury designer Alexander Amosu, who has already won us over with his bling-bling creations, has unveiled a series of luxury customised iPad 2 cases. He is offering buyers the opportunity to create a complete bespoke iPad 2 case of their choice from design, material and personalisation. Buyers will be able to choose from a range of luxurious leather like crocodile, python and ostrich in any color and personalize it with their name or company logo. Additional options of adding gold and diamonds are also available.

Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch by Alexander Amosu

Amosu's Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch Amosu’s Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch Luxury designer Alexander Amosu has created his latest master piece, 18 carat solid gold BlackBerry Torch. While the mid frame in 18-carat solid gold and weighs in at about 38gms, the other parts are in metallic gold color. The BlackBerry Torch is one of the two hottest BlackBerrys on the market today, along with Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone. And for a mere £8,000 or roughly $12,800, you can now purchase a custom Torch in yellow, rose or pink gold. You can also apparently add your favorite type of diamond to the mix, as well, though it’s unclear how exactly that would affect the price.

Limited Edition The Leica M9 Nile Crocodile Leather Half Case

Limited Edition The Leica M9 Nile Crocodile Leather Half Case Limited Edition The Leica M9 Nile Crocodile Leather Half Case Just a while ago, we reviewed the Leica M9 Titanium camera and thereafter there was another Hermes variant for the M9. Affordability knew no bounds with these limited edition cameras that ranged in price from $14,300, for the Hermes edition to $28,860, for the Titanium edition. If you managed to reserve yourself one of these exclusive pieces, you’re probably also wondering how you can house these beauties so as to retain their regal splendor. We just might have the answer for you. Introducing the Leica M9 Nile Crocodile Half Case by Artisan & Artist. This half case for the Leica M9 is dyed in an indigo color, using a ‘natural dye process’ (called Aizome) to extend the life of the color and leather. Although an extremely arduous and complex process for dying fabric and leather, Aizome was chosen by Artisan & Artist, keeping the exclusive and eye catching end product in mind.

Jennifer Tattanelli’s Croc iPad Case – Yet Another Expensive iPad Casing

Jennifer Tattanelli's Croc iPad Case Jennifer Tattanelli’s Croc iPad Case Here is coming-up another new luxurious iPad case that promises to give a superior rivalry to those launched by reputed opulence brands, as well as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Designed by Jennifer Tattanelli from Florence, the Croc iPad Case is available in espresso or black. The luxurious iPad cover is not only protective, but it also gives its owner the option to fold it back to place your iPad in various positions for impressive presentations. The case has been crafted in real crocodile leather while the interiors are lined in suede. There is also an interior pocket to hold cards or documents.

Hand Crafted Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Series Luxury Mobile Phones

Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Series Luxury Mobile Phones Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Series Luxury Mobile Phones Lamborghini seems to be in a roll. After the ASUS -Lamborghini Eee PC VX6, the Lamborghini gardening tools, the car giants are all set to welcome yet another accessory into its happy family. Tonino teams up with Lamborghini yet again with a Spyder line of luxury mobile phones. There are six models, S-600, S-610, S-620, S-670, S-680 and S-685, all have a luxurious box and packaging and come with a Tonino Lamborghini-branded headset. The higher-end S-670, S-680 and S-685 have rose gold, gold and black/gold PVD finishes, while the S-600 gets DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) and S-610 and S-620 have black PVD finish.