Lego Super Star Destroyer Executor Landing In September

Lego Super Star Destroyer Executor Lego Super Star Destroyer Executor First September will delight many fans of Lego or Star Wars and especially Darth Vader, cause then Lego will begin selling Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, the Executor. Lego’s space ship will be the largest and most complicated set ever, measuring at 50 inches long. It is made up of 3,152 bricks and pieces, and it weighs 8lbs. One feature will be a command bridge underneath a removable section of the top of the model. Inside will fit mini-figures of several Star Wars characters,Vader himself, and a few others. The Lego Super Star Destroyer Executor set will cost $400 when it goes on sale September 1 on Lego’s website and its branded retail outlets.

Limited Edition Star Wars: Frames Book – George Lucas’ Favorite Picks Stills

Star Wars: Frames Book - George Lucas' Favorite Picks Stills Star Wars: Frames Book – George Lucas’ Favorite Picks Stills George Lucas spent five years combing through every single frame of the entire Star Wars saga for Star Wars: Frames, a handcrafted book collection that tells the rise and fall of the Skywalker clan. Priced at $3,000 and arriving early this year, the Star Wars: Frames boxed book set documents each installment from the sci-fi saga with film images hand-picked by the filmmaker. After sifting through more than 200,000 frames per film, Lucas said this about the chosen images: Cinematography is not about technology. It’s about lighting, it’s about composition, it’s about taste. In the end, it’s about understanding your craft. Encompassing more than 1,400 images, the books come packaged in a spring-loaded, 25-inch-wide hardwood case with exotic inlays and sculpted medallions depicting Darth Vader and Yoda. Each set is numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Lucas, who began the project in 2005.

Original Darth Vader Costume up for Auction at Christie’s in London

Original Darth Vader Costume Original Darth Vader Costume Diehard Star Wars fans may want to save their pennies now that an Original Darth Vader costume from the The Empire Strikes Back (1980), will be up for sale at Christie’s Auction House. The jet-black helmet, mask and armor worn by the intergalactic villain are expected to sell for between £160,000 and £230,000 ($250,000 and $365,000) at a sale of pop culture memorabilia on November 25 in London. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale will benefit Cancer Research UK. Neil Roberts, head of the popular culture department at Christie’s, cited: Darth Vader is defined by his costume, which has made him one of the most recognised characters from the history of film. Christie’s have sold some incredible relics from popular culture in the past from Dorothy’s red slippers from The Wizard Of Oz to a dress made for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s; arguably the Darth Vader costume is the most iconic of all.

Buy Maybach Exelero for Only $670,000

Often imitated, never duplicated. We’re talking about the Maybach Exelero, the high-speed test bed commissioned from Daimler by Fulda tires. Unfortunately, only one was ever made, and it was subsequently sold for nearly $8 million. But with everything that’s so exclusive, somewhere in the world there are individuals motivated enough to make a replica. Over on
JamesList is a listing for just that: a Maybach Exelero replica that is apparently based on 2010 Dodge Viper.
Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero

Darth Vader car sports the 8.3-liter V10 motor pushing out over 800-hp with 23-inch wheels. Details pretty much stop there but apparently Lamborghini Geneve offers any style and colored interior along with any color exterior for whatever buyer may be interested.

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Footwear and Apparel

Last summer Adidas and LucasArts signed off on a deal to design a whole collection of Adidas original Star Wars Footwear and Apparel. Now some of the limited edition designs have hit the web or found a retailer near you.

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection - Millenium Falcon

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection fuses iconic Star Wars characters and scenes with classic adidas Originals footwear and apparel silhouettes. The Spring/Summer STAR WARS™ collection will be introduced at retail beginning January 2010. Select retailers as well as adidas Originals Stores worldwide will carry the collection. Recently, we gave you a sneak peek at the products within the first season of the exciting new Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection.