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    Buy Penthouse at The Plaza Hotel for $59 Milion

    Have you ever seen a house so perfectly appointed, that if one thing were to be out of place it would ruin the entire effect? You are going to get that feeling from this place. It’s a great address, great views, with a lot of space and bragability. It has outstanding view, outstanding decor. Not […] More

  • Humphrey Bogart Lighter Gold Edition by S.T.Dupont

    Humphrey Bogart Lighter Gold Edition by S.T.Dupont

    S.T.Dupont celebrates its 140 year, by releasing a range of a very special lighter as a tribute to two clients of S.T. Dupont, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, S.T. Dupont. Its a new thematic edition with a complete range of products for her and for him. S. T. Dupont Lighters are very technical products ensuring […] More

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    The $87 Million Airbus ACJ319 Redefines the Concept of Luxury

    You are a billionaire and still riding commercial airplanes? Airbus has a solution for you. It’s a new private jet, Airbus ACJ319, that is designed to satisfy all your needs. The aircraft operated by VVIP charter company Comlux is a business class jet that is equipped with an upmarket office and a home. The Airbus […] More