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    Minnie Mouse Debuts At the London Fashion Week

    Minnie Mouse is taking a leading role at the London Fashion Week. Although Mickey’s famous girlfriend won’t waltz down the catwalk at Britain’s biggest fashion event herself, leading British fashion designers are set to pay homage to one of the world’s most beloved cartoon characters. Designers Richard Nicoll, Katie Hillier, Giles Deacon and Terry de […] More

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    Would You Wore These Custom-Made Helmets?

    Although it is a very important part of safety equipment, many motorcyclists avoid using it. The artist from Dubai, Jyo John Mulloor, came to the bizarre idea how to make helmet wearing with more fun.  When they appeared, it was important to motorcycle riders keep alive. Over time, the design of the helmet was promoted […] More

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    Tinker Tailor – First Site That Customizes Designer Clothing

    You have desire to put your personal stamp on designer clothing? Finally it’s possible, since the first e-commerce site exactly for this purpose has been launched. Tinker Tailor, a first-of-its-kind e-commerce destination empowers women to customize luxury apparel from more than 80 high-end brands. So, ladies now you have a chance to design your own […] More

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    Luxury Collection Of Glasses

    Linda Farrow has presented a luxury collection of glasses, the one which you didn’t have a chance to see so far. Nine new models of glasses are hand made ​​by highly skilled artisans in Japan. They are made of solid 18 carat yellow, white and pink gold. Glasses are decorated with white and black diamonds, […] More

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    iXoost, Exhaust Systems for Your iPod and iPhone

    Giving ‘exhaust notes’ a new meaning, iXoost combines form of automotive audio dock for the iPhone and iPode. Anyone who loves motorsport, will surely want the latest musical fashion. Music from your mobile device will be the future of your home that came from automotive exhaust systems. The idea was born from two Italians from […] More

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    Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli for Life Ball 2013

    Unique Mini Paceman, for whose appearance is credited fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, has been sold for $195,000 at auction during this years 21 edition of “Life Ball” event in Vienna, the largest HIV/AIDS charity event in Europe. Mini Paceman by Roberto Cavalli, among others, boasts Cavalli logo on the roof, Cavalli’s signature on the door, […] More

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    Diamond Encrusted Signature Business Cards by Black Astrum

    If you think business cards just help you share your contact details, you need to up your luxury quotient a bit. Targeting ultra high net worth individuals across the world, Black Astrum launch the Signature Card range of bespoke Diamond Encrusted Business Cards, carefully crafted to be a highly distinctive symbol of status and wealth. Made with […] More

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    Chanel iPad Case Offers Good Care for Your Gadgets

    Chanel iPad Case Chanel is joining the growing list of designers to release iPad cases, with a black quilted iPad case that’ll set you back a staggering $1,555. The most expensive iPad that Apple sells is $829, which makes the case more valuable than what’s inside. But Chanel’s iPad case is not even the most […] More

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    Officially Licensed Lamborghini Reventon Gas Powered Remote Control Car Revealed

    Lamborghini Reventon Gas Powered Remote Control Car For those who don’t have a whopping $1,200,000 to buy real Reventon, Lamborghini is offering a chance to get an officially licensed Remote Control version, which is a 1:10 scale car with more features than some production models. Highlights include a two-stroke 3cc petrol engine, a two-speed transmission, […] More

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    July 22nd – Designer Day Sale at

    Thursday, July 22nd, is Designer Day at, the site where serious shoppers can go for a daily fix of name brands, up to 75% off every day. This is a site where you can get everyday products also which has been designed by an established designer that makes it a little special. It plays […] More

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    Aston Martin Plans to Create Customized Cars for Their Opulent Owners

    Aston Martin is planning on expanding their customization services, allowing clients to build individual cars from scratch. Speaking with AutoExpress at 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman revealed that he would like to lift the bar when it comes to the personalization of cars. He hopes to form a team of […] More

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    Lights Up The Party With 24,000 LEDs and 4,000 Swarovski crystals

    Called the “Galaxy Dress” this gorgeous thing was designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz and they say that it’s the ‘the largest wearable display in the world.’ The dress is very wearable, the designers explain: “We used the smallest full-color LEDs, flat like paper, and measuring only 2 by 2 mm. The circuits are […] More