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    New Stir Kinetic Desk M1 – The Best ‘Smart’ Desk

    Here is the world’s most advanced desk, for one or one thousand. Stir’s new Kinetic Desk M1 is the best ‘smart’ desk money can buy. The M1 helps increase your productivity and well being, and not just your, but your team or the whole company. Your Stir Kinetic Desk makes moving while working effortless and […] More

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    Davidoff Furniture Collection Emphasizes the Good Taste and Luxury

    Davidoff Furniture Collection The Ukrainian designer Dmitry Lebedev has conceptualized a furniture collection  for the luxury tobacco brand Davidoff. The collection includes a chair, sofa and desk with minimalistic design but with an underlying classic appeal. Dark tones and modern elegance will give a little more style to your space. Dmitry Lebedev had insight into […] More

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    Table Connect – 58-inch iPhone Desk-sized Replica

    Table Connect – 58-inch iPhone This is not just a mock table that imitates the iPhone look. It is actually a 58 inch table with built in capitative touch screen and hidden iDevice connector. Table Connect for iPhone is a 58-inch multitouch surface that accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin dock connector and then, […] More