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    Tumi Global Locator Will Track Your Luggage Around the World

    Needless to talk about inconvenience of frequent travelers whose bags seem to turn up missing a bit too often. In order to waylay this problem, travel and luggage brand Tumi has created the Tumi Global Locator. This smart device will let you wirelessly track your bags anywhere in the world. Developed in partnership with AT&T […] More

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    Muse Headband by InteraXon Can Read Your Brainwaves

    See your brain in action. See how it performs. Improve it over time. If you ask how it’s possible, here is Muse by InteraXon. That’s a small brain training tool designed as headband to help reduce stress and anxiety in just 3 minutes a day. Muse uses six sensors to detect and measure your brain […] More

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    New B55 Connected – Breitling’s First Smartwatch

    Breitling enters the smartwatch market with its B55 Connected device. Deliberately say device, because the B55 Connected isn’t a smartwatch like other companies have already unveiled. Rather it is Swiss timepiece based on Breitling’s Caliber B50 chronograph movement, but with some hi-tech and connected features designed for modern enthusiasts and collectors. The B55 Connected will […] More

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    LG Watch Urbane – First All-metal Luxury Android Wear Device

    At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its first all-metal luxury Android Wear device – LG Watch Urbane. As its name suggests, the smartwatch is designed for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan wearer that delivers unparalleled technology and performance. The LG Watch Urbane is crafted around the same 1.3-inch full circle P-OLED […] More

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    Jarre AeroSkull HD Speakers

    Jarre is known for its quality and workmanship of perfect speakers. AeroSkull model of speakers stand out for their unique look and modern design. If your are fan of horror films and related topics, then you will definitely fall in love with Jarre Aeroskull speakers. They are really eye-catching and offers unusual colors, including purple, […] More

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    June – Smart Bracelet Which Tracks Your Sun Exposure

    In the sea of measuring devices, one stands out. It’s the first device which measures dangerous sun exposure. Created by mobile weather station maker Netatmo, this device is called June and is actually very stylish bracelet which has built-in sensors that sync with your iOS device and provide you with all kinds of information about […] More

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    Heartbeat Camera

    Leica, Nikon, Canon, Samsung, all of these brands create a modern camera, suitable for all kinds of photographic needs but they lack only one thing – originality. They all work on the same principle, or at least similar, in a similar way. What we will now show is a device that shows how the camera […] More

  • Bem’s Wireless Speaker Trio System

    Bem’s Wireless Speaker Trio System

    First announced back in November, and unveiled at CES a couple weeks ago, the Speaker Trio system from Bem Wireless are now available on sale for price of $299. Three small Bluetooth-enabled speakers that can be wirelessly connected to one another bring music to multiple rooms simultaneously. The speakers are meant to be placed in […] More