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Limited Edition Gold And Diamond Contact Lenses

Gold and Diamond Embedded Contact Lenses

Gold and diamonds in your eyes?! Sounds like a trivial compliment, but this time it is not. Shekhar Eye Research in India, has created Contact Lenses made of Gold and Diamonds. The company worked with Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan and the contact lenses were designed by Sanjay Shah. Each of the lenses is encrusted with 18 diamonds on […]

Ferrari Car Key Encrusted With 1,160 Diamonds

Camael's Bespoke Ferarri Car Key

Camael’s Bespoke Ferarri Car Key Luxury car requires luxury keys. Bespoke Ferarri Car Key, designed by Camael is exactly that – luxury. It is encrusted with 1,160 (VVS to flawless) diamonds, with a total diamond weight of 7 carats. Created by S.P.Green & Co., these keys could perhaps be the world’s first set of Ferrari keys […]

A Million Dollars For The First Diamond And Gold Pen By Anita Tan

Anita Tan's The All Diamonds iPhone

A special pen, created by a woman for women is Anita Tan’s First Diamond and Gold Pen. This luxury pen, designed exclusively for women has 1888 diamonds that weigh 48 carats and is priced at €688,000 ($1.01 million). One more Anita Tan’s luxury creation is The All Diamonds iPhone cover in 18K pink gold (230 […]

89,999 Camaél Solid Gold iPad

Camaél Solid Gold iPad costs more than a Bentley

Exclusive Camaél Solid Gold iPad We have already seen the worlds most expensive iPad 2 Gold History Edition by Stuart Hughes that costs a staggering £5 million. For the bling-bling lovers, Camaél Diamonds in Coventry is offering a Solid Gold iPad for a cool £89,999 ($148,000). The luxury version of the iPad is available in […]

The Golden Putter – Most Exclusive Golf Putter

The Golden Putter - Gift

The Golden Putter If you play one of the most expensive sport in the world, then it’s fine to have a luxurious and expensive equipment. For the passionate golf players, Barth & Sons has developed most likely the world’s most exclusive golf Putter – The Golden Putter. It may not be the jewel encrusted beauty […]

The World’s First Diamond Ring by Shawish – Unique Ring Composed Entirely of a Finished Diamond

The World’s First Diamond Ring by Shawish

A sketch of the Shawish All-diamond Ring Swiss jewellery house Shawish is set to unveil, what might be the most impressive diamond ring ever, a world first diamond ring carved entirely and directly from a chunk of diamond rough, dubbed The World’s First Diamond Ring. The ring is made entirely from one, single faceted diamond, […]

ZShock Diamond Lunatik iPod Nano Watch

ZShock Damond Lunatik iPod Nano Watch

ZShock Diamond Lunatik iPod Nano Watch We have seen more than enough watchbands and cases that turn your new iPod nano into a watch that you can wear on your wrist. Typically, they are made from silicone or aluminum. Now it looks like there is on available which will cost you around $18,000. ZShock are out […]