Star Wars Stormtrooper Figurine with Your Face

Popularity of Star Wars continues unabated. If you ever wanted to look like as a Star Wars action figure, here is your chance. You just have to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the next few weekends, you can be immortalized as a 3D Stormtrooper figurine.
Turn yourself into a stormtrooper figurine at Disney’s Star Wars Weekend   For only $99.95 (plus shipping and taxes) and 10 minutes of your time, you’ll get a 7.5-inch model Stormtrooper with your face on it, which will be delivered to your home about 7 to 8 weeks later. Disney has setup a number for you to call—407-939-8324— if you want to make a reservation. This special offer is available only during Star Wars Weekends 2013 (May 17th – 19th, May 24th – 26th, May 31st – June 2nd, and June 7th – 9th). For more information visit Disney Park Blogs. 3D Stormtrooper figurine

One-of-a-kind 1928 Mickey Mouse Movie Poster Readies for Auction in Dallas

When a one-of-a-kind Mickey Mouse movie poster from 1928 — the earliest known poster of the world’s most famous mouse and a singular piece of pop culture treasure — hits the block as part of a
Heritage Auctions’ Movie Posters event on November 29, it will represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a collector, fan or Disney-aficionado to acquire what many would consider the ultimate piece of Disney memorabilia. The poster comes to auction from the collection of the late Crowell Havens Beech, a major movie poster collector and dealer who passed away, at age 86, in 2010. He sold a good portion of his collection in the late 1990s at Sotheby’s in two highly vaunted auctions, where most collectors thought his key pieces were all sold. Beech, however, tucked a few gems away for his daughters — without telling them. One of them was this 1928 Mickey poster, which he had acquired in 1988 from the legendary Steve Schapiro Collection. From there, according to Beech’s daughter, Terry Leighton, of northern California, he kept the poster secreted away from everyone, laying it flat on top of a dresser, covering it with another piece of wood and then covering that with a tapestry. “I didn’t even know he had it,” she said. “He only showed it to very trusted friends and didn’t show it to me until around 2005, when he knew his health was declining. He started confiding in me about the important things he wanted me to know in case something happened to him. Among those things was this poster: the crown jewel of his collection.” According to Leighton, Beech was certain that this poster, if he ever decided to sell it, would be the first movie poster to ever bring $1,000,000. Leighton, however, is more sanguine about the prospective prices for the treasure. Grey Smith, the Director of Movie Poster Auctions at Heritage, has set the pre-auction estimate for the poster at $20,000+, though he knows it could bring considerably more when it crosses the block on Thursday, Nov. 29 in Dallas. “This is a poster that has everything going for it,” said Grey Smith, Director of Movie Poster Auctions at Heritage. “Incredible rarity, great condition and subject matter that is instantly recognizable the world over. It’s difficult to say what it will bring because there is simply nothing to compare it to. It’s one-of-a-kind. What exactly is that worth? We’ll see very soon…” Leighton and her sister are selling the poster now because they know it’s a cultural treasure and that it needs to be in the hands of an individual or institution that will know how to properly care for and display it. “It seems a shame for us to keep it, as we just don’t know what we would do with it,” she said. “This really does need to find a home with someone who will treasure it the way my father did.” Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928. The first 12 Mickey cartoons, including Steamboat Willie — the first sound cartoon and considered by many to be the most important cartoon of all time — were distributed by Celebrity Pictures, between Nov. 1928 and Dec. 1929. Beginning in January of 1930, all of Disney’s cartoons would be distributed by Columbia Pictures. It is likely that there were no individual one sheets produced by Celebrity Productions as they were a very low budget distributor (and the country was in a deep depression) and in fact, no individual cartoon one sheets for Mouse shorts from Celebrity has ever been seen. “This is very likely the only poster created for Mickey until the 1930 era,” said Smith, “and this is the only surviving example.”
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1926 Three Sheet Poster for The American Venus Leads $1.45 Million Movie Posters Auction

The stunning three sheet movie poster for the lost 1926 Paramount big budget silent film The American Venus realized $35,850 to lead the day in Heritage Auctions’ July 25-26 Vintage Movie Posters Signature Auction in Beverly Hills. The auction realized, in total, more than $1.45 million. All prices include 19.5% Buyer’s Premium.
“Demand was steady and prices were, overall, quite good across the more than 1,300 lots we featured in this auction,” said Grey Smith, Director of Movie Posters at Heritage. “We saw a trifecta of focuses in this auction as collectors went after early Hollywood, Disney animation and Universal Horror. At the end of the day, we were all quite pleased with the solid results.” The American Venus (Paramount, 1926) three sheet is a film that is now lost to history, minus a few trailers. What is known about it, however, is that the poster spectacularly features Louise Brooks, though this was only her second film appearance. She was relatively unknown at the time and her role in the film was very minor. The producers, however, obviously realized her star potential as they featured her exclusively on the poster. Brooks would go on to become one of the most iconic female stars of the late silent era. “Brooks crafted a personal style that left an indelible mark on 1920s popular culture that’s still imitated today,” said Smith. “She achieved a cult status rarely garnered by entertainers of that time and is clearly a star that still resonates with collectors at the top of the hobby.” Rare and early Disney posters always create a stir when they appear at auction and the presence of a 1932 United Artists one sheet for Disney’s The Wayward Canary, depicting Mickey and Minnie Mouse, set collectors buzzing on its way to a $26,920 final price realized. Released in November 1932, the same year that the Academy awarded Disney a special Oscar for his creation of a nationwide phenomenon, Mickey Mouse, this is a key addition to any top Disney collection. Universal Horror posters are still the gold standard in movie posters and this auction boasted several prime pieces from the top films of the genre, including a beautiful pre-war 1935 Belgian one sheet for Bride of Frankenstein, James Whale’s sequel to his 1931 masterpiece Frankenstein that quickly became a classic in its own right, realizing $20,315 from a determined collector, while a 1943 one sheet for Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man — often cited as one of the best posters in the Universal horror cannon — was the subject of intense collector interest before finding a new home at $15,535.