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    Chien Coature – Luxury Necessities for Small Dogs

    Today, pets not lacking in anything. You can buy literally everything as for yourself – from furniture, jewelry, couture and accessory and not any, but high quality and high priced. You might remember Lilly Shahravesh – world’s leading designer dogwear, and her £4,000 ($6,107) dog coat. Now, if you prefer Swarovski crystals, and want some […] More

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    “Heads or Tails“ – New Three-piece Accessory Collection for Dogs by Nendo

    Japanese design firm Nendo has created three-piece dog accessory collection for Japanese lifestyle magazine Pen. “Heads or Tails“ collection was designed using two different shapes, polygon and triangle and comprises a dog bed, dishes and toys, all of which can be used in two ways. Their changeable shape, look and function reflects in following: the […] More

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    Reunite With Your Puppy – $100,000 for Cloning

    Pet cloning is nothing new. The first commercially cloned pet was a cat named Little Nicky, produced in 2004 by Genetic Savings & Clone. As the science of animal cloning has progressed within the last few years, this procedure is now available in Korea, according to company called My Friend Again. But if you want […] More

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    Rocky Noble Inspired Furniture at Harrods’ Pet Kingdom

    Who would have thought that one chihuahua would become so famous that would even be an inspiration for the Harrods’ new range of dog furniture. But if that chihuahua is Britain’s best-dressed dog, then that sound more acceptable. So now, Rocky Noble chihuahua, who also appeared on ITV’s Tiny Animals has his own line of […] More

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    £4,000 Dog Coat by Lilly Shahravesh

    Lilly Shahravesh, based in London, founded her pet couture and accessory business Love My Dog in 2003, after a 14-year career in fashion as a knitwear designer, and is now the world’s leading designer dogwear, sold in high-end stores in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, Sydney and U.S.A. If you’re one of people who want […] More

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    Rolex Dog Collar As A Birthday Present

    Border Terrier Smike with his Rolex Dog Collar Border Terrier Smike is another pooch that lives better than many people. For its birthday Smike got Rolex Dog Collar. Dog’s owner, Karen Denney from the village of Crawford near St Helens, specially commissioned the collar, as she wanted the ultimate canine accessory. Due to collar Smike […] More

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    Rich Pet Lola Gets Tiara Worth £800

    Louise Harris and her pet dog Lola pose for a photograph wearing their matching tiaras Yorkshire Terrier, Lola has become known not only in the UK, when writing about its wedding with a Chinese Crested, Mugly, as the most expensive dogs wedding in the UK. Louise Harris, 32 spent £20,000 ($32,500) on a wedding of […] More

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    Exravagant £20,000 Dog Wedding

    Exravagant £20,000 Dog Wedding £20,000 ($32,500) to spend on the wedding of your pet?! Whether it is a huge love for the dog, or just madness associated with a lot of money, or both? Louise Harris, 32 from Essex was a generous when it comes to wedding of her beloved pooch, Lola. Louise , invited […] More

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    First Luxury Pet Hotel – Parisian Actuel Dogs

    Actuel Dogs – Parisian Luxury Pets Hotel The things that we associate with luxury hotel are heated pools, massage salons, gyms and training programs, a-la-carte menus and more. When connect this things with the puppies, we think that a joke or snobbery. However, no joke, the first luxury hotel for dogs, Actuel Dogs, has opened […] More