Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture Collection for Children

Jean Paul Gaultier has just launched Junior Gaultier Couture, outgrowth of his children’s clothing line Junior Gaultier, which he started back in 2009. During his Spring 2013 couture fashion show, four kids popped out from under a model’s dress wearing long gowns. Those gowns are actually part of this new kids’ line for Spring/Summer 2014, which are inspired by Gaultier’s Indian-themed Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection for (grown-up) women. Jean Paul Gaultier launches couture for kids The dress is made from a raw silk bodice and a long layered skirt in tulle, while the finishing touch is a bolero that buttons in the back and is accented with Swarovski crystals. Priced around $1200, a silk-and-tulle princess dress comes in two shades: ivory and padparadscha. Limited to only 90 pieces of each shade, those gowns will go on sale in the next couple of months.    

Saint Laurent’s 90’s inspired Babydoll Dress for a Whopping $68,000

When one Totally Ordinary dress was signed by one of the top fashion houses in the world, it becomes very desirable piece. Whether the same will happen with this Saint Lauren’s 90s-inspired floral babydoll mini dress. According to its price of whopping $68,000, this nothing special dress is looking for very rich and very thin buyer.
One Of Hedi’s Saint Laurent Babydoll Dresses Costs $68,000 This controversial Hedi Slimane’s floral printed rag is worn by Cara Delevingne in the label’s also controversial grunge-inspired Fall 2013 campaign, which critics slammed (“It’s like bad Topshop!”). Well…… Designer explained that the dress is embellished, but not explaining what the dress is embellished with. What is only visible is a Peter Pan collar, tiny puffed sleeves, and very, very thin girl in it. However, this is only our opinion, which happens to be the same as critics. Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Babydoll Dresses

Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz Blue Gingham Dress Could Fetch $500,000 At Auction

We have earlier
wrote about Judy Garland’s Ruby Red Slippers, from The Wizard of Oz, which had an estimated price of $2 – $3 million at Hollywood memorabilia sale in New York, at the end of 2011, conducted by California auction house Profiles in History! Now, almost one year later, Judy Garland’s blue gingham dress from the same 1939 movie classic could fetch a half million dollars when goes under the hammer on November 9-10, 2012 at Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills Gallery. Several of these most iconic screen worn dress in film history were made for the production, but the dress to be sold, (estimated: $400,000-$600,000) is the only, original version seen in the film and the only complete original dress to survive, which includes both original blouse and blue and white pinafore. The dress has been designed by Adrian, the legendary Hollywood costume designer, made from cheap gingham and run up on a treadle sewing machine to ensure it looked authentically like a garment that had been made by Dorothy’s Aunty Em. One more notable item, also considered to be highlights at the upcoming auction conducted by Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien is Steve McQueen’s racing jacket, emblazoned on the back with the name of McQueen’s company, “Solar Plastics Engineering,” and on the front with his name “Steve McQueen, with an estimated price of $40,000-$60,000. That price could be negligible, compared with Steve McQueen’s race suit from the Le Mans movie, that has been sold at auction for an amazing $984,000 including commission fees, making them the most expensive item of motor racing related memorabilia, excluding complete cars. This collection of over 800 items of screen worn wardrobe, props, original photographs, and celebrity owned items will certainly attract a lot of collectors and Hoolywood fans. We single out some of the most interesting number of iconic Marilyn Monroe items such as: a “conformed” copy of Monroe’s Last Will and Testament from 1961 (Est: $5,000-$7,000); Monore’s photographs on the set of The Misfits by photographer Thomas Kaminski sold with copyright and a treasured silver Cartier triptych frame (Est: $35,000-$40,000); the marriage license of Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher (Est: $4,000-$6,000); Superman Christopher Reeves’ special effects Superman costume from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (Est: $15,000-$20,000), as well as the ultimate in Royal historical memorabilia, a piece of wedding cake from the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales and the 2011 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The piece of cake from the wedding of William and Kate was a very special gift to Submariners, to whom William is Commodore (Est: $600-$800).

World’s Most Expensive – $5,6 Million Black Diamond Dress

World’s most expensive dress has been unveiled recently at Ukraine Fashion Week. Created by British designer
Debbie Wingham, this stunning dress worth  $5,682,950! Wingham’s dress was created using 50 two-carat black diamonds (25 diamonds adorning the peplum and a further 25 diamonds on the shoulder shrug), as well as white diamonds and gold thread. Also, another five carats worth of black diamonds serve as the centerpiece of the bustier. The dress weighs a whopping 29 pounds (13 kg), and it took six months to sew by hand. There is little disagreement about whether Wingham’s dress deserves to get the title World’s Most Expensive Dress, as there are rumors of other gowns worth more than twice its price. What is sure is that the dress with 85 diamonds which worth $15 Million has its own category as World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Dress. So, this dress, that is one of seven diamond-covered dresses created by British designer Debbie Wingham’s collection, is probably world’s most expensive, what will The World Record Academy certainly confirm.