BIC Cristal Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Dress Made From 1.200 BIRO Pens And 2000 Swarovski Crystals

Ink-redible: Dress Made From 1,200 BIC Pens Dress Made From 1,200 BIC Pens What you get when you connect the BIC pens and Swarovski crystals? It’s really not a trick question. You get the dress worth ¬£10,000 ($14,000)! BIC Cristal celebrates 60th anniversary this month and to commemorate this designer Annette Carey has created an extraordinary garment. She has created a mesmerizing dress using crystals, and of course pens as a base. 2000 Swarovski crystals and 1200 pens were used to design this dress. The dress took 640 hours to make.

Diamond Prom Dress Will Turn You Into The Prom Queen

Dressgodess' $13,997 Prom Dress Dressgodess’ $13,997 Prom Dress One of the most important thing in social life of every teenagers is preparing for the legendary prom. All girls want to look the best possible for that occasion and of course each of them hopes to become the queen. In order to achieve this, girls must have the most beautiful, and possibly the most expensive dress. DressGoddess, the brand, which produces these kind of clothes since 1969, decided this year to impress the customers, offering a unique Prom Dress. This elegant, stylish dress is embellished with an assortment of genuine diamonds¬†and hand-sewn over the bodice, soft down as a classic evening dress.

Lights Up The Party With 24,000 LEDs and 4,000 Swarovski crystals


Galaxy Dress

Called the “Galaxy Dress” this gorgeous thing was designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz and they say that it’s the ‘the largest wearable display in the world.’ The dress is very wearable, the designers explain: “We used the smallest full-color LEDs, flat like paper, and measuring only 2 by 2 mm. The circuits are extra-thin, flexible, and hand embroidered on a layer of silk in a way that gives it stretch so the LED fabric can move like normal fabric with lightness and fluidity.”