Hublot Mykonos Watch, Two New Limited Editions

Luxury Swiss watch brand is unveiling two new models for summer 2013. Even more precious, crafted entirely from gold or two-colour titanium and gold
Hublot presented, Mykonos, two new limited editions watches. Blue. White. Greece. Summer. Magical island. Mykonos. With glistening sea, white houses with blue shutters and a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, with fine sandy beaches and magical sunsets, Mykonos is definitely one of distinctive Greek islands. Hublot Mykonos Watch, Two New Limited Editions Not only that, the island is one of the most popular with jet-set atmosphere and wild nightlife that begins even before the sun sets. Hublot is on the Mykonos experienced remarkable success, and a special edition dedicated to the island was only a matter of time. Chic watch is thickness of 45 mm and equipped with chronograph movement, ultra light durable titanium body, a beautiful blue dial according to the Greek sea and silver needles glittering in the spirit of the sea. Frame chosen for this edition is the alligator appropriate color, which is due to better portability and flexibility sewn on the lower traditional rubber strap. The case for the gold version of the watch is made from a very special red gold, King Gold, which is exclusive to Hublot, an 18K gold with 5% platinum added to give it its intense red colour and make it even more precious. The two-colour version sees gold paired with titanium, prized for its lightness, shock-resistance and its extreme resistance to corrosion. These two limited editions represent a link between the earth and the sea. Only 10 numbered pieces are available for the King Gold 18K version and 25 numbered pieces are available for the two-colour version. Hublot Mykonos Watch, Two New Limited Editions    

Antikythera Sunmoon Watch By Hublot

Who likes watch that has a purpose and not just a mere display of expensive stuff in public, this is the copy that you must have. New
Hublot Antikythera SunMoon is for good connoisseurs of watches, and not for those who only watch its price. The “Antikythera SunMoon” watch, featuring highly precise Sun and Moon indicators, celebrates the “Tribute to the Antikythera Mechanism”, one of the most mysterious objects in the history of civilization. On display at the Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Antikythera mechanism is considered the first “astronomical calculator” in the history of humanity, and dates back to the 2nd century BC (sometime between 150 and 100 BC).

Hublot Antikythera SunMoon Watch

Hublot created four tributes to the mechanism, one for BaselWorld 2013 exhibit, another in Paris at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, the third held by Hublot and the fourth to be sold at auction in 2014. Hublot created 20 pieces in tribute to their historically-inspired design. Antikythera Sunmoon features a manual-winding mechanical movement with a flying tourbillon rotating once every minute to indicated seconds. In addition to hour and minute indication, the timepiece features a pivoting moon hand. The hand is read through a circular eindow with the extended end indicating in the first concentric circle the sidereal position of the moon views from the Earth. The timepiece enables the wearer to not only read the time, but to also ascertain the name of the constellation behind the sun and the time required for the sun to pass though it. Likewise, the wearer can also read the moon phase through the constellation behind it and the time required for the moon to pass through.

The “Antikythera SunMoon” watch, featuring highly precise Sun and Moon indicators, celebrates the “Tribute to the Antikythera Mechanism”,

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Louis Vuitton 4motion Sunglasses – Particularly For Sportsmen

Louis Vuiton 4Motion Air Sunglasses Summer has already started, but you still have time to get quality and nice looking sunglasses. Fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched 4Motion Sunglasses that represent the ultimate in advanced design and technology for high-level sports enthusiasts and designed to satisfy all the demands of the connoisseur. Louis Vuitton 4Motion sunglasses are with the 100% UV protection, and can block infrared and high contrast lights to bring the wearers with a clearer vision and reduce the eye fatigue. Their lenses are scratch resistant, anti-reflective, anti-oil and can resist the compression. So they are suitable for wearing while driving. The adjustable plastic frame can be fitted to the different faces types because they are with the multi-area adjustment including front inclination, temple curvature, and height and nose pads. The stretchable temples make the wearing more stable.