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wFoil Albatross, Something Between the Boat and Aircraft

wFoil 18 Albatross hydro foil actually flies over the water. More than a boat, the wFoil uses its hydrofoils to soar above the water in much the same way a plane uses its wings, giving you the option of bypassing rough waters by speeding over them. It can reach speeds up to 90 mph. The […]

New Hybrid Cadillac ELR For 2014

American luxury car brand Cadillac has unveiled the 2014 version of its eco-friendly hybrid ELR model at the Detroit Motor Show. There are many manufacturers in the market that offer hybrid cars that will overwhelm us in the future, but this Cadillac certainly stands out with its breathtaking appearance. The Cadillac ELR is GM’s luxury […]

Crocodiles On The Beaches! Lacoste Lab’s Eco-Friendly Surfboard

Lacoste is not only a fashion brand, it’s rather a lifestyle brand! That’s now so obviously. Beside expressing in various fields, from clothing and shoes, through perfume and watches, all way to their famous tennis shirts, “The Crocodile” brand is now well demonstrated in designing surfboards. Lacoste, led by Christophe Pillet and Jean-Pierre Stark, joined […]