Gucci Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Coming Soon

Gucci Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Gucci Eco-Friendly Sunglasses The Italian fashion house, Gucci take care of the planet, so teamed up with eyewear giant Safilo to develop an Eyewear Collection made from eco-sustainable materials. Collection consists of four models in Gucci’s signature green and red hues. Eco-friendly models are made from materials such as an acetate that contains a much higher percentage of naturally occurring ingredients compared to traditional acetate and castor-oil seeds as an alternative to plastic. Roberto Vedovotto, CEO of the Safilo Group, explained: The acetate is the result of an extensive research to increasingly use material components of a natural origin. This initiative, together with the other ones that will come, is part of the long-term path for environmental sustainability that Safilo has decided to follow as part of its strategy.