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    Affluence – Facebook for Rich People

    Social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter among others – have become the preferred method of communication mainly for poor people. Why should rich people mixed with us mere mortals, when can have their own highly exclusive and invitation only network, where their net worth is guaranteed to outrank their number of friends. is […] More

  • The new Stromer electric bikes are coming to the U.S

    Win a 2013 Stromer ST1 Elite e-Bike

    If you follow cycling, BMC Group name is probably quite familiar to you. BMC team for many years with its drivers is wins best races all over the world. New bike from BMC is electric bike so it will not be used for racing, but for a comfortable ride with a loved one. Swiss company launches […] More

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    Elite’s New 60″ and 70″ LCD TVs – Theater Screens in Your Room

    Elite proudly introduced its new 60″ PRO-60X5FD and 70″ PRO-70X5FD TVs as the biggest and most breathtaking television ever in LCD. Any of these two you choose, you’ll have the impression that you’re in front of the theater screen, but with crystal clear image. What distinguishes new Elite LCD TVs from many others is Intelligent […] More

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    Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable

    One of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end audio products, Walker Audio, Inc., announces the release of their next generation of elite turntables, the Proscenium Black Diamond III. The new turntable is notable for its low pressure airpods the platter sits on to help reduce resonance and the air-bearing tonearm which aids in the accurate reproduction […] More

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    Panasonic’s Elite Panaboard 77″ Interactive Whiteboards will Helps You to Grab Students’ Attention

    Panasonic, the most customer-preferred electronics brand in the Middle East, has launched a range of new technology within the unique Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880 Series. The Panasonic UB-T880 Multi-touch Interactive Elite Panaboard is an advanced educational tool that helps you grab students’ attention. It makes it easy to create effective, eye-catching teaching materials and it promotes […] More