Luvaglio Made A Million Dollar Laptop

The most expensive car, the most expensive apartment, most expensive mobile phone, and now we have definitely the most expensive laptop. Its developed by the British company
Luvagio, and believe it or not, it costs a million dollars whole. The million dollar laptop produced by the London-based luxury manufacturer, Luvaglio, is officially known as the most expensive laptop money can buy This extraordinary device also includes a 17-inch screen, 128GB Solid State Drive, Blu-ray drive. In it are built-in USB and MP3 player. Most of the energy and money is spent on details that make it so incredibly expensive.┬áIn the power switch, for example, they built a very rare diamond. This laptop can not buy any lucky with a million dollars in pocket. To buy it, you must be invited by company director Rohan Sinclair. Will this move fail to attract many interested buyers is hard to say. It is clear that this is a computer of medium quality and better performance can be found in many cheaper laptops, but will you find in them, the diamond instead of the ignition, I don’t think so. Million Dollar Laptop By Luvaglio