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Futuristic Hankook Tires

The company Hankook Tire recently in collaboration with the University for design, engineering and efficiency from Pforzheim in Germany, participated in the project "Design Innovation", in order to create a futuristic concept tires.

Is it really possible that we will in the foreseeable future, on our cars, have some of these, revolutionary tires!? South Korean tire manufacturer, Hankook, is known for its racing program within the some GT championships, and lately, for the better car “tires” for commercial use. The company Hankook Tire recently in collaboration with the […]

Extravagant Akrapovic Full Moon Motorcycle

Extravagant Akrapovic Full Moon Motorcycle

Many fans of motorcycles were expecting this moment with a great anticipation. Only mention of the name Akrapovic is enough to thrill, and now is on the Custombike Show presented Akrapovic Full Moon motorbike with original design, which has a special exhaust and wheels of 30 inches. It is of course a concept motorcycle, not […]

Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

Wazebo is perfect for enjoying your morning shower, or for day or evening shower. It was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zucchetti.Kos. This independent unit will certainly provide a special character to the open space. Place it in your own mini pavilion and this fantastic shower will banish all your concerns and take […]

Extravagant Linley’s Tectonic Bar

Linley’s Tectonic bar opens with a Bond styled secret button

Linley brand has revealed this masterpiece on Masterpiece London Fair in June. Tectonic bar that includes quality, innovative design and superior work at its best is made from ebonized chestnut leaves with white gold and nickel accents. This Tectonic Bar will change the use of tropical timber and timber use at all, thanks to the […]

1858 Cuvee Leonie by Cognac Croizet – The Most Expensive Cognac

1858 Cuvee Leonie by Cognac Croizet

The global economy suffered serious blows, but that does not mean that the Russian oligarchs, Saudi princes, collectors and others 0,001 percent of the people stopped spending absurd amounts of money on strange, extravagant and funny things. On 24 September 2011, a 153 year old Cognac Cuvee Leonie has been sold for a record price of […]