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The Royalé Dream – World’s Most Expensive Perfume Debuted at the Singapore Grand Prix 2015

The Royalé Dream created by Cuarzo The Circle and World of Diamonds Group is the world’s most expensive perfume which debuted two days ago at the Singapore Grand Prix 2015. The value of this one-of-a-kind creation is over $190,000. This one-of-a-kind creation comes as a set of three fragrances: One for ladies, one for men […]

$33 Million Faberge Egg at a Flea Market

When the scrap metal dealer saw a golden egg at a flea market in the American Midwest, he recognized a good opportunity to earn, but never dreamed what profit he will make for a piece that he paid $13,300. Having failed to sell because potential buyers thought he overestimated its value, he gave it on […]

Emilia Fox Unveils the Diamond Jubilee Faberge Egg

The Diamond Jubilee Faberge Egg, the golden prize on offer for the winner of the world’s biggest Egg Hunt has been unveiled by actress Emilia Fox. The glittering egg, worth £100,000 ($157,000),  is decorated with 60 gemstones, including diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires – one for each year of the Queen’s reign. It was created by Faberge […]

Limited Edition Faberge Malachite Egg Inspired by the Architecture of the Uspenski Cathedral in the Kremlin

The Greeks and the Egyptians have been using malachite in their ornaments since 3000 B.C. Malachite is usually attributed to ward off negative energy. It is a stone which aids you in businesses and help you balance relationships. This sounds rather intriguing. However, The Limited edition Faberge Egg is neither from Greece nor from Egypt […]

Fabergé Back in Jewelry Business

After nine decades in the dark, the mystic jewelry brand Fabergé is back in business with a stunning high-end Faberge jewelry collection. In 1872, Peter Carl Faberge took over his father’s jewelry workshop, which had been established in St. Petersburg in 1842. His technical mastery as a goldsmith put him on par with the world’s […]