Shoot With Style With VO Falcon Edition – World’s Most Expensive Rifle

The World's Most Expensive Rifle - VO Falcon Edition VO Falcon Edition – World’s Most Expensive Rifle Now, you know that the world’s most expensive rifle is the VO Falcon Edition priced at $825,000. Others may compete in collector value. VO Falcon Edition is the latest creation of the Swedish gun and rifle maker VO Vapen, founded in 1977 by master gunsmith Viggo Olsson. Mr. Olsson and his son create the world’s most exclusive handmade hunting rifles using a patented takedown system, which allows the person to use several different calibers to the same rifle. World’s most expensive rifle is a honor to the falconry traditions in the Arabian world, and is covered by beautiful engravings of Peregrine and Saker falcons among other luxurious finishes. The Falcon is the first VO takedown rifle to be built with a full stock. The octagon barrels of the VO Falcon Edition rifle are made of Damascus steel, which complements perfectly the stock done in the world’s finest walnut root.

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Footwear and Apparel

Last summer Adidas and LucasArts signed off on a deal to design a whole collection of Adidas original Star Wars Footwear and Apparel. Now some of the limited edition designs have hit the web or found a retailer near you.

Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection - Millenium Falcon

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection fuses iconic Star Wars characters and scenes with classic adidas Originals footwear and apparel silhouettes. The Spring/Summer STAR WARS™ collection will be introduced at retail beginning January 2010. Select retailers as well as adidas Originals Stores worldwide will carry the collection. Recently, we gave you a sneak peek at the products within the first season of the exciting new Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection.