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    They Are Worth As Ronaldo And Messi

    Wealthy residents of the small emirate in the Qatar literally pay in gold for the most beautiful specimens of white falcon. For a pure white falcon with no other color of feather, they are willing to pay Two Million US dollars! As in many other countries, falconry in Qatar is part of a family tradition. […] More

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    You Can Pre-order Lux Versions of the New iPhone 6

    Brikk isn’t the only one who already taking pre-orders for its extravagant and lux versions of the iPhone 6. Although months until Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to launch, a New York-based luxury brand, Falcon offers you appropriate alternative. You have the option to pre-order 24 different customizable versions of the new iPhone 6 Plus. […] More

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    Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection Footwear and Apparel

    Last summer Adidas and LucasArts signed off on a deal to design a whole collection of Adidas original Star Wars Footwear and Apparel. Now some of the limited edition designs have hit the web or found a retailer near you. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection fuses iconic Star Wars characters and scenes with classic adidas Originals […] More