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    SamrtFaucet by iHouse Automatically Adjusts Color And Temperature

    A faucet for just sprinkling water is so yesterday. iHouse’s SmartFaucet is smart enough to automatically adjust color and temperature. It’s actually the world’s first internet-connected water tap. When you can buy refrigerators, toasters, ovens and dishwashers, connected to the world wide web, than why faucet would not have the same treatment?   SmartFaucet is […] More

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    Starlights Faucet by Maier

    Illumine your bathroom with the Starlights jewel mixer. Immerse yourself in a universe of shining stars, retained in the mixer handle as crystallized water. The new blinging Starlights is a neoclassic faucet featuring handles of refined design, where modernity meets luxury. Each handle is fitted with more than 2,000 Swarovski crystals making this masterpiece unique. Maier […] More

  • New Klass Collection by Maier

    Maier Presents New Klass Collection with Genuine Swarovski crystals

    Maier has already impressed us with the Surf and Skip Diamond faucets, decked up with different Swarovski decorations. Now, the Spanish company has presented Klass collection – new line of luxury faucets. Klass double handle bathroom faucets again with genuine Swarovski crystals are an illustrious addition for anyone deciding to turn up to class and luxury […] More

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    Bongio’s Acquaviva Swarovski Faucet Brighten Up Your Bathroom

    Acquaviva Swarovski Faucet by Bongio will completely change the look of your bathroom, giving it a glamorous glow. Adorned with Swarovski crystals and finished in gleaming chrome, glossy faucet will make your bath the most luxurious room. Its design is sleek and modern, boasting beautiful lines that will give your sink area a unique look. The spout, […] More

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    Maier Luxury Faucets Adorned With Swarovsky Crystals

    Maier Skip Diamond Faucets Gold and diamonds have always been symbols of wealth wherever they applied. The Spanish company, Maier has crafted some alluring fixtures for equally charming, opulent bathrooms. You can choose between a floral or a simpler, moderate design. Along with the Luxury model, the Surf and Skip Diamond faucets are also decked […] More

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    Kaesch’s Feel Free Soft Touch Water Control System

    Kaesch’s Feel Free Control System Give your bathroom a whole new makeover with Kaesch’s Soft Touch Feel Free water control system. The system is incorporated into the walls of your bathroom thus replacing the classical water faucets and equipments. Control water flow, pressure and temperature with the touch of your finger A light even indicated […] More

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    Koolhaus Tap Ware – Superb Combination of Design and Functionality

    Combining classy design with high-end technology, most of the modern kitchen and bathroom fixtures these days are designed for the utmost convenience of the users. Designed by Daniel Dobrogorsky, the Koolhaus Tap Ware allows users to measure and monitor the accumulative water volume dispensed by each bathroom appliance during the day. Every appliance in the […] More

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    Shark Touch Screen Faucet by ST Rubinetterie Make Life Easier

    Designed by Simone Micheli for Italian bathroom outfit ST Rubinetterie, the Shark Touch Screen Faucet features a smooth, streamlined look that will instantly modernize your bathrooms. The the eco-friendly Shark faucet features a minimalist faucet design with touchscreen controls on the top itself for utmost convenience. Minimalist in its mold, this faucet is simple, but […] More

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    Nomos Touch-Screen Faucet By Fima – Fabulously, Futuristic and Functional Faucet Designs

    Italian tap manufacturer Fima Carlo Frattini has introduced a high-tech kitchen faucet named Nomos, equipped with touch screens. The high-end kitchen mixer offers a perfect mix of form and functionality for the utmost convenience of the users. This uniquely designed Nomos faucet allows the user to adjust water quantity, pressure and temperature. It also alerts […] More