Orbita Bergamo 40 Disappearing Watch Winder Cabinets

Orbita Bergamo 40 Watch Winder Cabinets Orbita Bergamo 40 Watch Winder Cabinets If you’re a serious watch lover and collector, there’s a good chance you’ll want to keep your timepieces fully wound, especially if you own complicated movements. And if you have too many watch winders, makes it all the more tough to keep a track of everything. And so Orbita has come up with the Bergamo 40 Watch Winder Cabinet, to make your watch collection up to date and safely stored. The Bergamo 40 starts with a very simple concept, a watch winder for 40 watches that can disguise itself as piece of fine furniture. The rear part of this cabinet can raise or lower and contains 40 individual watch winders, that have their own motors and are individually programmable. The attractive Italian-made inlaid and veneered cabinet houses a remote controlled motorized lift mechanism that raises or lowers the watchwinder module on command. Even when the front doors are opened, while the storage area is exposed there is no hint of the watches stored behind as they are concealed behind a false mirrored panel. A keyed security lock is also provided to prevent the winder from being accessed by unauthorized persons.