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Leonardo DiCaprio To Turn His Island Into A Ecological Resort

The Hollywood actor, decided that on his island in Belize build ecological resort. From 2007 he has that idea, but it is only now gave an official statement for beginning of construction, whose completion is expected in 2018. The island of 104 acres, which is called “Blackadore Caye,” DiCaprio bought in 2005 for 1.75 Million […]

Fishing Trip From The Rockies To Los Cabos

Why to fish at one place only, when with Rawah Ranch and Villas Del Mar in Los Cabos and with River to Sea package you can explore different waters and different places. For $42,720 per package you get private jet travel between the resorts as well as accommodations and activities for one week. At Villas […]

Lobster Sushi Roll And Beluga Caviar Just For Cats

The famous British chef Simon Rimmer devised savory meal for a cat that has the finest fish, beluga caviar and other savory ingredients, and costs “only” $39. Although most cats are happy with “normal” food that provides them every day, chef Simon Rimmer is considered to be insufficient. That’s why he’s in the restaurant introduced […]

Sealegs Boat on Wheels

These boats do not require piers and will be invaluable for water patrols and lifeguards. You can also buy this kind of vehicle for your dad for Father’s Day. For that took care Sealegs with its new boat on the wheels. Sealegs is a cool luxury boat designed to ease the transition between land and […]

The Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – A World Unto Itself

A beautiful volcanic Marieta Islands, where there is hidden beaches on the coast of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, due to its characteristics and location are a unique example of fully preserved ecosystem. The Hidden Beach is the most popular beach in Mexico and place is a world unto itself. It is actually a hole in […]

Bluefin Tuna Sold for $1.76 Million Setting a New Record

Now traditionally, at the beginning of the year bluefin tuna is offered at auction Tsukiji fish market, in Tokyo, Japan. In this year’s auction, the 222-kilogram (489-pound) tuna caught off northeastern Japan sold for 155.4 million yen ($1.76 million), beating the previous record from the last year for an almost three times. Last year the […]

The World’s Most Expensive Tuna Fish Sold for a Record $736,000

Its a known fact that Japanese love their seafood. So it comes as no surprise that recently a Bluefin Tuna was sold for a record price. A bluefin tuna caught off northeastern Japan fetched a record 56.49 million yen, or about $736,000, Thursday in the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. […]