Mont Blanc’s Fountain Pen For $1.14Million

Today’s young generations not only do not know how to write with fountain pen, but a good number of them had never seen the device for good writing except perhaps in grandfather’s drawer or on television, during the signing of an interstate act. Today’s writing with fountain pen is paramount, the emanation of personal style or measure of good taste. Manufacturer
Mont Blanc left a strong mark on customers who do not change their models for decades, others never. Now they managed to produce Ruby Fountain Pen, which is worth a whopping $1.14 million. Now they managed to produce Ruby Fountain Pen, which is worth a whopping $1.14 million It is on sale exclusively at Mont Blanc’s new boutique store, in the Galleria luxury mall in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This limited edition Mont Blanc fountain pen is encrusted with 351 diamonds, 315 rubies and18 carat gold nib which is rhodium plated. If this is too much for you, you can by at the luxury store, a limited edition Atelier Privé UAE Flag fountain pen in white gold set with rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and includes an embedded UAE flag on the cap for $35,393.

New Heritage Collection 1912 From Montblanc

Montblanc brand is deeply commitment to arts and culture. Philosophy of the company Montblanc is to produces things with long-term value. Their goal is to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community, and creating a synthesis between cultural life and writing culture. Their new inspiration is new Heritage Collection 1912, a fountain pen which pays tribute to the first-ever leak-proof fountain pen launched by Montblanc in 1912. New Heritage Collection 1912 From Montblanc Drawing inspiration from Montblanc’s original Simplo Safety Filler pen, the Heritage 1912 writing instrument features an award-winning two-step screw mechanism that controls both the complex retractable nib movement and the piston filling functions. This cutting-edge technological innovation is encased in the cap and barrel, both made from precious black resin and decorated with polished platinum-plated fittings. The white cap top crowning this masterpiece references the forerunner of the Montblanc emblem, first introduced with the first safety fillers, and the world renowned star emblem sits inside the dome of transparent resin covered with mother-of-pearl coloured lacquer. The Heritage 1912 fountain pen is available at Montblanc boutiques at a price of £725.00.