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    New Volvo Concept Coupe Hybrid

    At a time when car design is increasingly determined by economic reasons, sometimes appears a vehicle that elicit gasps and make the heart beat faster. New Concept from Volvo that was presented on the eve of the Frankfurt fair is one of those cars. This is the first Volvo signed by a new design chief, […] More

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    Rebellion T-1000 Gotham Watch Limited Edition

    Is this Batman’s next watch? In addition to the names, Rebellion T-1000 Gotham, with futuristic appearance, gives real lesson for someone who fights crime, noting that this watch is not fighting crime, but against the clock. This lesson for a new generation of super heroes dedicated to fighting ….. time. With the new armor made ​​of […] More

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    Lamborghini Madura – Futuristic Design Concept for the First Lamborghini Hybrid Car

    Earlier this year we showed you the design study – Lamborghini Ankonian by Slavche Tanevsky, a student at the university of Munich. Next to the Ankonian he also designed this hybrid Lamborghini and called it the Madura. The concept car was created – in collaboration with Lamborghini and Audi designers – for Lamborghini’s Raw Materials […] More