David August Unveils Exotic Leather Collection Including World’s Most Expensive iPad Case

David August's Exotic Leather Goods David August’s Exotic Leather Goods The Costa Mesa, California-based boutique luxury brand, David August, that creates custom wardrobes for the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr. and various billionaire business tycoons, is introducing a new collection of Exotic Leather Goods including the world’s most expensive iPad case. Every piece in the collection has been crafted from the finest alligator skin, hand cut and stitched in Italy by a skilled family of artisans. The collection has five luxe pieces including an iPad case which is already being touted as the most expensive ever with a price of $6,900 (costing nearly 14 times as much as Apple’s basic 16GB model). The collection is available in both a glazed and matte finish in over 20 different colors.

Chanel iPad Case Offers Good Care for Your Gadgets

Chanel iPad Case Chanel iPad Case Chanel is joining the growing list of designers to release iPad cases, with a black quilted iPad case that’ll set you back a staggering $1,555. The most expensive iPad that Apple sells is $829, which makes the case more valuable than what’s inside. But Chanel’s iPad case is not even the most expensive one. Tod’s is offering an alligator iPad case that will cost $4,900.

James Bonds’s Aston Martin Ready for Auction

James Bonds's 1964 Aston Martin DB5 James Bonds’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 As we mentioned earlier, 1964 Aston Martin DB5, driven by Sean Connery in “Goldfinger”, soon will get new owner. RM Auto Restoration, part of Canadian RM Auction house, has just completed re-commissioning program, returning the car into running condition after its long static storage. Last sold more than 40 years ago for a paltry $12,000, the DB5, also referred to as the FMP 7B because of its unique number plate, is expected to fetch the princely sum of $5 million on sale at the Automobiles of London event at the Battersea Evolution in London on October, 27th.

Limited Edition Mafia II Gun Lamp Gives More Reason to Want to Run the Mob

Snoop Dog with Mafia II Gun Lamp

Snoop Dog with Mafia II Gun Lamp

As the folks over at 2K Games gear up for the August release of their upcoming Mafia II, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the original game from 2004, the game developer has created a Limited Edition Mafia II Gun Lamp and sent them out to a select group of individuals. Limited to just 200 pieces gun lamp comes individually handcrafted and number exclusively for the new action-adventure Mob inspired title. Snoop Dog was presented with a Mafia II Gun Lamp when he lately paid a visit to 2K Games headquarters for a hands-on preview of the Mafia II title.

MacBook Decorated with Swarovski Crystal Dazzles at 2010 Mac User Conference

Stuart Hughes has made a name for himself by designing and crafting gem-studded gadgets that are grabbed by the wealthy consumers. But Stuart has serious competition now. Nam Jung Gwan is a new name for the people but he proved that he is not a beginner when it comes to playing with Swarovski crystals.
MacBook Decorated with Swarovski Crystal at 2010 Mac User Conference

MacBook Decorated with Swarovski Crystal at 2010 Mac User Conference

At the recent 2010 Mac User Conference held by Nonprofit Mac community Union at the Trading convention center in Seoul, Nam who is member of the union displayed his Swarovski encrusted MacBook. The crystal studded MacBook was Nam’s entry for the Mac Accessories Contest.