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Golden Flappy Bird – Handmade 3D Figure On Auction

Fans rejoice – Solid gold Flappy Bird is up for auction

While guessing whether the game could make a comeback, here is something surely. Golden Flappy Bird is now up for online auction. A real life unique, artistic 3D figure, handmade from 100% 14k solid gold is waiting for your bid. The 85.23 g figure is made by a professional goldsmith from Vietnam- the birthplace of […]

Grand Theft Auto V Grossed a Record $1 Billion in Just Three Days

Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Surpass $1 Billion: Expected to Reach $3 Billion!

Take-Two Interactive’s Grand Theft Auto V grossed a record $1 Billion in just three days of sale, so it’s a rate faster than any other video game, film or other entertainment product has ever managed. According to earlier reports, the game raked in $800 million in just one day. “‘Grand Theft Auto‘ is a cultural […]

World’s Most Expensive High-tech Scrabble Board

Mind Sports Interational RFIDs Scrabble System

Usefulness of intelectual sports are not called into question, but does some of them really worth £20,000 ($31.750)? Mind Sports obviously thinks it worth, due designing a high-tech Scrabble set that cost more than £20,000 to create. Participants of this year’s Prague Mind Sports Festival, (December 1 – 4) will have a chance to play, or […]

Diablo 3 Become Fastest Selling PC Game Of All Time

Diablo 3 Become Fastest Selling PC Game Of All Time

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc has proudly announced that Diablo 3 become fastest selling PC game of all time. The third instalment of their cult-classic series has broken the record by selling 3.5-million units in the first 24 hours after its release. This enviable number doesn’t include an additional 1.2 million players who received the long-awaited PC […]

$1,300 Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition – For Wealthy Collectors

Biohazard 6 Premium Edition

Would you pay $1,300 for a video game? Some hardcore collectors certainly would. Although it cost 105,000 yen ($1,300), new Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition will certainly find way to its fans. This premium edition might cost so much, because it actually includes a leather jacket just like the one worn by Leon in […]