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    Diamond Christmas Snow Globe Is A Perfect Gift

    If you want to give to your family a little more exclusive gift for the upcoming holidays, instead of photographs, greeting cards or something so simple, maybe you’ll like this Diamond Christmas Snow Globe. These are not ordinary snow globes, far from it. Those under the dome have a real diamond snow. Each of them […] More

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    Google Executive Benjamin Sloss Surprises His Wife With Ferrari FXX K

    Google vice president Benjamin Sloss is known as a huge fan of sports cars, and in its ownership inter alia, has the McLaren P1, LaFerrari Ferrari, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Ferrari 458 Speciale and Ferrari 599XX Evo. These days the media attention attracted a birthday present for his wife Christine. Sloss is, namely, during their recent […] More

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    Perfect Gift – Princess Cruises’ Gift Cards

    Can you imagine receiving a better gift than a cruise vacation? Give the gift of adventure, relaxation, pampering and romance. The lucky recipient will thank you for it! Princess Cruises launched a brand new gift card program making it easy to give the gift of cruising. You can choose from a variety of gift card […] More

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    Black Rolls-Royce Owned By Johnny Cash On Auction

    One of the icons of not only American but also the world’s music scene is remembered for being always dressed in black. Such is the color of the car that was once owned and which is now found in the free market. Johnny Cash was one of the most influential American musicians of the twentieth […] More

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    Vettel Gave His Father $200,000 Ferrari And Pissed Off Red Bull Chiefs

    Reigning world champion in F1, Red Bull driver, German Sebastian Vettel has bought to his father Norbert a new model of Ferrari worth more than $ 200,000. Sebastian to Norbert gave the new model of Ferrari California with personalized plates “HP N1” in red. “HP” is a mark of place of birth, Heppenheim, and “N1” […] More

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    Swatch St.Valentine’s Day Watch

    Swatch, the Swiss watchmaker, for Valentine’s day, has prepared a new edition of watch. For day dedicated to St. Valentin has prepared a new version of watch, so simple and yet so interesting. The topic of the new version is heart, which is again, paired with an inevitable sweets. The watch comes in red and […] More

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    Bentley Continental Supersports Toy

    For $85 you can buy Bentley Continental Supersports. It is not a joke. The car is not stolen. It’s new. But its only flaw is that it is a toy. If you can not afford the real Bentley Continental Supersports, maybe it is the right thing for you, or for your kid. This radio-controlled Bentley […] More

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    Lionel Messi Received A $50 million Worth Gift

    The best soccer player in the world Lionel Messi received an unusual gift. The Colombian artist Mauricio Benitez donated his portrait of Argentine football player and it would not be anything unusual that this is not a portrait made ​​of Swarovski crystals. It is worth about $ 50 million, and Mister Bling, what is Benitez […] More

  • $80,000 Barbie Doll

    $80,000 for a Barbie Doll? That Can Only Beyonce and Jay-Z When it Comes to Their Daughter’s First Birthday

    Would you pay $80,000 for a Barbie doll? Maybe if you’re Beyonce or Jay-Z. Famous couple have splashed out £50,0000 ($80,000) on a Barbie doll for their daughter’s first birthday. Their little princess, Blue Ivy isn’t aware of precious gift, but her parents can boast with that special customized doll, adorned with 160 diamond gems […] More

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    Luxury 210th Gift Box – Refresh Your Love Life

    210th Gift Box – Wedding 210th Gift Box gives you and your partner the opportunity to rediscover each other all over again. 210th is more than just a box of erotic toys, it is a communication tool to take your relationship to a deeper level. In the box you will find 25 envelopes containing exciting […] More

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    Moet & Chandon – Infallible Valentine’s Day Gift Set

    Moet & Chandon’s Valentine Day Gift Set If you have not decided yet what to give your sweetheart Moet &t Chandon has the right solutions for you. You might think that champagne is obsolete, so usual, but in this new package is definitely not. Choose the Moet et Chandon Valentine’s Day Gift Set and you […] More