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New Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection by Cartier

Connection between Paris and Cartier is unbreakable. Inspired by the many moods of the Parisian woman and the city of lights, Cartier’s latest collection is actually a creative gallery of jewelry and cocktail rings. Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection is designed to celebrate seven aspects of the Parisian woman’s personality – Mischievous, Voluptuous, Impish, Emancipated, Sparking, […]

Pretty and Pricey – Louis Vuitton Monogram Nova Minaudiere

If we have to describe Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Louis Vuitton in three words, that would be glamour, gloss and glitter. The Monogram Nova is a piece of miniature luxury and the price of $35,500 telling us that we won`t see this spectacular handbag so often. What makes the Monogram Nova so unique and expensive is […]

TAG Heuer Eyewear Releases Squadra Night Vision Optics and Purple Temples Glasses Collection

TAG Heuer Eyewear‘s line grows by one with the addition of its Squadra Night Vision Optics. There are phrases like ‘opthalmic mask’ and ‘universal nocturnal myopia’ involved here, but all you really need to know is that they’ve been engineered to enhance contrast at night. Having the glasses do the heavy lifting instead of your […]

Diamond Encrusted Gucci Belt is the world’s most expensive belt

Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International is synonymous to diamond studded gold and platinum cell phones, watches, iPods, chess sets and more. Just like this Gucci belt that features a platinum double G Gucci logo buckle embedded with 30 carats of diamonds! This belt was commissioned for mysterious client of Republic. But if you have $250,000 […]