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    2014 Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops Concept

    Chevrolet used the Texas State Fair to display to the public concept vehicle based on the new generation of its pick-up model Silverado. New Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops is described as a survival kit for a four-wheeled project. It has LED lights, winch, new sills, wheel arch extensions, alloy wheels 18-inch off-road tires and generator, […] More

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    The GRID 2 Mono Edition with BAC Mono for Just $190,000

    Video game makers and their marketing teams in addition to new editions offered something with, which may contribute to greater popularity. So we have Call of Duty night vision goggles that shipped with CoD’s Modern Warfare 2, and the radio-controlled “surveillance vehicle” that was packed in with Black Ops, Halo special edition games in a […] More

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    Mujjo’s Leather Touchscreen Gloves Allows Use of iPhone During Sharp Winters

    For all people who want to use their iPhone devices outside during harsh winters but without sacrificing the warmth of hands, Mujjo has created a leather touchscreen gloves in a clean contemporary and elegant style. Over the last few years, we’ve seen several companies offering touchscreen gloves, but very often restricted to functionality in one […] More

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    Lexus LFA Luggage Collection – Hard-shell Suitcases Custom Fitted to the LFA’s Trunk.

    If women can match their accessories with their dress, why can’t men match their luggage with fancy cars? Lexus LFA Luggage Collection Luxury luggage maker Tumi announced a partnership with Lexus to create a premium line of travel cases that complement the look and feel of the Lexus LFA supercar. The travel cases are designed […] More

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    Aspen One Watch and Gloves Keep Your Hands Warm

    The Swiss-based company Aspen has always stood on top with its innovative designs when it comes to luxury timepieces, and this Aspen One watch is no exception. Keeping in mind the timekeeping needs of the ski-buff, Aspen has made a special high quality skiing glove with a ‘porthole’ for a watch. The brand’s watch is […] More