1931 Leica Camera Gold Plated Sold for $683,000 At Auction

Leica Camera from 1931 was sold at auction in Vienna for $683,000 together with old photographs and other cameras rarity of the brand. Among the recordings it was sold the legendary photograph of an American sailor kissing a nurse on the day World War II ended. The camera belonged to German winemaker Karl Henkell, and the price at the
Westlicht auction house in Vienna reached greater than the initial three and a half times. Camera has unique outfit of original Leitz gold plated ‘Luxus’ camera with brown lizard leather covering and 2 gold plated lenses. 1931 gold-plated Luxus Leica Camera Other models of this German brand also achieved higher prices than expected. The Leica M3 prototype is estimated at $90,000, and was sold for $560,000 and Leica 250 Reporter prototype is estimated at $39,000, sold for $310,000. The device used by the German-born American photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt in New York’s Times Square to celebrate the surrender of Japan 14 August in 1945. was sold for $148,000. Leica M3 Prototype   ‘Kiss in Time Square’ Photo and Camera are up for sale at the WestLicht Photographica Auction

Hugo Boss’ Limited Edition Real Gold Denim Jeans

Hugo Boss' Limited Edition Real Gold Denim Jeans Hugo Boss’ Limited Edition Real Gold Denim Jeans Even clothing manufacturers are not avoid gold, silver or platinum fever, so the Boss Selection, the upscale label of the German-based Hugo Boss brand, has created limited edition jeans that have actual gold plated threading woven into the Denim as details. Golden denim jeans are designed in a classic five-pocket silhouette and woven with subtle gold-plated fibers that have been treated with a transparent laminate to retain their sheen, and value, even after multiple washings. Details that also to be mentioned are the distinctive back-pocket embroidery, attached key ring, and embossed leather waist label.

Special 24 Carat Gold Plated Airnergy AvantGarde

Gold Plated Airnergy Avant-Garde Gold Plated Airnergy Avant-Garde Anti-aging cosmetics is increasingly frequent in this age. Women give more and more importance to it because it’s easier than strenuous exercise or healthy eating. On the other hand, companies invest a lot of money on research and development in this area. Airnergy is one of those. The brand new Designer Edition Airnergy AvantGarde combines the proven quality of the Airnergy Professional Plus (4 activation units) with timeless fine aesthetics. Alongside its recent launch of the Airnergy Basis Plus and Avant Garde, the award-winning company is furnished with various designs in health-technology.