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Most Expensive Motorcycle In The World

Man Builds Most Expensive Motorcycle In The World : Over $1 Million In Gold Alone

Motorcycle rule the roads, not only when emits loud noises like sequence, but also when they cost a lot. The last engine that was crowned as the most expensive, and broke a Guinness World Record and was designed by Tarhan Telli. Weighing 315 pounds, this gold engine has 1801cc engine and 125 horsepower. Chassis and […]

First 24 carat Gold Sony Xperia Z

World’s first 24 carat Gold Sony Xperia Z unveiled in Dubai

After taking the Xperia Z in hand, in my mind there is only one question. Is it Sony finally managed to make the best Android phone? What first strikes the eye, much before turning phone on, is its impressive size and build quality, which was flawless. But what about the other essentials? For other essentials […]

$100,000 Goldgenie’s Gold iPhone 5

Goldgenie’s Gold iPhone 5

For those with deeper pockets, who do not know what to buy next with your money, we present the most expensive iPhone 5 in the world. If you decide to purchase this extremely rare and unique cell phone it is guaranteed that will help you to be the center of attention wherever you go. Goldgenie […]

Timber Tones Plectrum for $7,800

The world’s most expensive plectrum worth $7,800 is created by Timber Tones

I do not believe that anyone could dream that this nonsense will cost so much. But in this crazy world everything is possible. A UK-based firm, Timber Tones, specializing in manufacturing luxury guitar plectrums have created a one of a kind range called Treasure Tones, which includes models made of silver, gold, platinum and palladium. […]

Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Sound System

Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Sound System

The famous piano Steinway & Sons brand and one of the top manufacturers of digital equipment Lyngdorf have joined forces and created a real home cinema. The crown of their pursuit of the perfect combination of aesthetics and sound with superior manufactories, is fascinating high end series, a complete stereo system, home theater its custom […]

Honma, The Most Expensive Golf Clubs

Honma Golf Clubs

Don’t you think that many expensive things comes from Japan. Honma, a Japanese company is offering a bag full of the finest collection of golf clubs ever for a $75,000. I do not play golf, and for me it is waste of money, but people who play the golf will say they are specifically tailored […]

Ringl Fine Carbon Fibre Jewelry Collection

The Fine Carbon Fiber Jewelry Collection from Ringl

When we are talking about Fine Carbon Fibre Jewellery, we are talking about Ringl. Centuries of business tradition, decades of luxury design expertise and 15 years of carbon fibre research made this company in number one spot of luxury jewellery. With the price ranges from $2,300 to $24,160 for the rings and bracelets the quality […]