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iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition – New Luxury Unique By Stuart Hughes

iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition by Stuart Hughes Stuart Hughes continues in his style – he takes a popular, mass produced electronic item and transforms it into elegant, classy and luxurious product. After his Gold History, Supreme Fire, Supreme Ice and Supreme Platinum, Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker, has designed iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition. The […]

iPhone 4 White Chic Edition Embellished with Platinum and Swarovski Crystal

iPhone 4 White Chic Edition After designing £5 million iPad2 Gold History Edition, Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker has now choose to lay his focus back on the iPhone. Their new creation is an iPhone4 White Chic Edition. The exclusively crafted iPhone is hand completed with over 500 Swarovski stones on the bezel absolutely luxuries. The […]

iPhone 4 Swarovski Gold & Platinum Edition

iPhone 4 Swarovski Gold & Platinum Edition Stuart Hughes rolls out two more dazzling gadget. This time he has covered up the iPhone 4 in gold and platinum and caked the rim with intricately placed finest quality Swarovski crystals. Dubbed as iPhone 4 Swarovski & Platinum Edition and iPhone 4 Swarovski & Gold Edition, each […]

24ct Solid Gold iPhone 4G Uniquely Designed and Crafted by Stuart Hughes

This 24ct Solid Gold iPhone 4G is the type of investment a wealthy Apple fan might want to make. Exclusively designed by Stuart Hughes himself, this new iPhone is dressed with 150 grams of 24ct gold. The entire beautification process took several weeks of detailed working, that was required to create the chassis of device […]

Most Expensive Phone: iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, Uniquely Designed and Crafted by Stuart Hughes

Now I know the iPhone 3GS is a good smartphone, and is classed as the king of smartphones, but come on, some people really must have more money than sense, and it appears it’s the Australians. The Australian gold mining crowd clearly has more money than sense, as it’s been revealed the iPhone 3GS Supreme […]

Nokia Supreme – World’s Most Expensive Nokia Handset Dazzles With Pink Diamonds

It seems like the Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker really enjoy giving devices the ‘Supreme’ treatment. Following the iPhone 3GS Surpreme, Wii Surpreme, PS3 Supreme, now we’ve got the Nokia Supreme. Hailed as the world’s most unique and expensive Nokia handset ever made, this bejeweled Nokia targets the well-heeled women. The Nokia Supreme is made out […]