Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is The Fastest Convertible in the World

After the Guinness took the title of fastest production car to Veyron Super Sport, the
Bugatti is back with new speed record. Model Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has officially become the fastest car in the world with an open top. The Bugatti is not too shocked over the decision of Guinness Book of World Records to seize the title of the fastest in the world to model Veyron Super Sport, but have turned to new developments. Their convertible from 2012, Vitesse Veyron Grand Sport, scored on 6 April at Volkswagen Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany speed of 408.84 km/h or 254.04 mph, which entered the annals as the fastest convertible in the world. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse At the wheel was driver, Anthony Liu, and the result has officially confirmed the German organization TÜV, whose representative attended setting records. Liu boast the behavior of the car when he driving at speeds in excess of 400 km/h (240mph), while stressing his “incredible stability and comfort.” “With the roof open, you can really experience the speed and experience to hear the true sound of the engine, and even at high speeds you will not have problems with the wind,” he added. Vitesse Veyron Grand Sport was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. The car is powered by a 8.0-liter W16 engine that develops 1200 hp and 1500 Nm of torque. Bugatti will offer to the customers a special limited edition of 8 copies of Vitesse model whose price will be $2.6 million. The car will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in late April 2013. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse becomes the fastest convertible in the world
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Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Blanc for Sale

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Blanc Back in 2008 Bugatti launched a special edition version of its Veyron supercar dubbed the Sang Noir. As its name suggests, the car was finished in a special black paint scheme and only 15 were ever made. What many may not know is that in 2010, Bugatti also built a one-off Sang Blanc model based on the open-top Veyron Grand Sport for a customer in the UK, albeit with a left-hand drive configuration, and just one year later is on sale for an unrevealed price. Contrasting the matte white pearl exterior are some black detailed accessories including the front grille, brake calipers, door handles, engine covers, roof rail and exhaust tips. Additional super-luxury features found in the Sang Blanc model include the contemporary touch of its iPod connection, reversing camera, electric folding mirrors, parking sensors and the supercar’s state-of-the-art Puccini audio system. Other noteworthy features include the car’s dashing sporting seats; and its diamond cut alloy wheels which are outfitted with a black accented center. Having run only 448 miles, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Blanc boasts a 7993 cc W16 engine with a total of 1001hp at 6,000 rpm. The car race up to 217 mph. Asking price is available only upon request, though you can bet that seven-figure line of credit will evaporate as quickly as this car accelerates.

Bugatti Galibier Confirmed for Production

Bugatti Galibier It has been two-years since Bugatti pulled the covers off their Galibier super-sedan concept, and while they had made much noise about the concept when it was revealed, not much has been said about this car since. While no official information has been released yet in regards to the car’s name and performance figures, the President and CEO of Bugatti, Wolfgang Durheimer, keeps giving us some heads-up on the production of the car from time to time. In a recent article from the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer confirms that the new car will be in the vein of the controversial 16 C Galibier concept, which debuted in 2009. It will seat four and have a generous trunk, the car has a much higher value that the Veyron – with lot of trunk volume and a four-seat plus one configuration. Dürheimer says. Bugatti Galibier More important is what’s fitted up front, of course, which the article claims will be a 16-cylinder engine, although power output wasn’t mentioned. The super-sedan is expected to use a version of the Veyron’s W16 engine, though it could be detuned to only 800 horsepower for more civilized motoring. Interestingly, a hybrid model is on the docket as well, with an electric-only driving range of about 25 miles, according to Dürheimer. Bugatti hopes to sell between 1,000 and 1,500 units of the super-luxe sedan over the course of its lifetime, roughly triple the number of Veyron coupes and Grand Sport convertibles Bugatti built since 2004. We are taking into consideration various scenarios, from 500, to even 1,000 or 1,500 units produced, Dürheimer was quoted as saying by the aforementioned source. The story also says that the Galibier will go on sale in the fall of 2012, about a year earlier than most earlier projections. Pricing hasn’t been set, but Dürheimer hinted the Galibier will cost more than €1 million, which amounts to about $1.42 million at today’s exchange rates. We will set the price at the end. The amount is expected to be of seven figures. Today, the Veyron range is priced between 1.2 and 2 million euros. In the end, the Galibier is the absolute benchmark in the four-door sedan segment, Durheimer stated. Bugatti Galibier Bugatti Galibier Bugatti Galibier Bugatti Galibier

Beyonce Pays £1.3 Million to Buy Husband Jay-Z Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Beyonce and Jay-Z Beyonce and Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is a pretty lucky guy. One of the world’s best rappers, former CEO of Def Jam Records and a multiple Grammy winner worth about $450 million. If that wasn’t enough, he’s married to Beyonce Knowles, the super-talented singer who was kind enough to buy her husband a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for his 41st birthday. Beyonce ordered the car a year in advance and managed to keep the whole thing, including the color choice, under wraps the entire time. The 99 Problems hitmaker already owns a Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari F430 Spider, Maybach 62S and a Pagani Zonda Roadster.

Phillips de Pury & Company to Auction Historic Brough Superior SS100

The Prototype Brough Superior SS100 “Alpine Grand Sport” built in 1925 The Prototype Brough Superior SS100 “Alpine Grand Sport” built in 1925 (New York) Design Masters will be held December 15th at 6 pm at 450 Park Avenue and will be on view there December 9th–14th from 10 am to 6 pm each day. 450 Park Avenue, Phillips de Pury & Company’s new uptown gallery, was inaugurated November 8th with the company’s most successful ever auction of contemporary art, which included Philippe Segalot’s Carte Blanche sale and totaled $137,028,000. Phillips de Pury & Company will follow up that tremendous result with its first Design Masters auction, a curated evening sale of important avant-garde design from the 20th and 21st centuries with a low estimate of $4,550,000 and a high estimate of $5,960,000.

Mullin Automotive Museum – Timeless Luxury as Priceless Treasures

The Mullin Automotive Museum, a facility that pays homage to the Art deco and machine age design eras (1918-1941) that produced exquisite art and magnificent automobiles, officially opens its doors for the first time in the beach community of Oxnard, California on April 15th, 2010.
Mullin Automotive Museum The dramatic facility will be a three-dimensional celebration of the pre-World War II Belgian/French decorative arts movement, long described as Art Deco. Sharing the more than 50,000 square-feet of exhibit space will be one of the finest collections of coach-built automobiles, furniture and art from the Deco era. The cars, however, are the main attraction. More than 100 French automobiles with names like Bugatti, Delahaye, Delage, Hispano-Suiza, Talbot-Lago and Voison can be found in the museum.