Gresso Cruiser Titanium White – for Sophisticated Women

After recently launched the world’s first polished titanium mobile phone –
Cruiser Titanium, this time Gresso has something special for ladies. The specialist for luxury high-end mobile phone has designed the Cruiser Titanium White. As the name suggest, this feminine handset is made from a single piece of pure snow-white titanium, that was hand polished to a high glossy mirror surface, just like each of 21 round key buttons that are precisionly cut from stainless steel. The milling process to create the case takes seven hours, with additional several hours for hand polishing by a single craftsman.
Gresso Cruiser Titanium White

Gresso brings elegance and feminity to its new Cruiser Titanium White for $3,000

Inside, there is only 30MB of storage, which is expandable via microSD cards of up to 2GB. The candybar phone also sports a 2-inch TFT 320 x 240 screen above the keyboard. And just like the most of luxury devices, it runs on Symbian S40 and only supports GSM networks. So, if you’re looking for luxury, but not necessarily technically sophisticated phones (the most of us women looking exactly that), you’ll be amazed with this. Gresso Cruiser Titanium White will be limited to 999 pieces. Each handset has an exclusively engraved number on the side of the case that does not repeat. Also, there is a couple of additional options available upon customers request: an individual engraving and the choice of a serial number, that will complement an exclusive piece. The phone costs only $3,000 and will be available from March 13th. Perfect gift for every sophisticated woman!
Gresso brings elegance and feminity to its new Cruiser Titanium White for $3,000

Gresso introduces a limited edition of a pearl white Cruiser Titanium

Gresso Cruiser Titanium White

Gresso Cruiser Titanium White

Gresso brings elegance and feminity to its new Cruiser Titanium White for $3,000

The Gresso phone is a limited edition of only 999 pieces

Aston Martin Aspire – New Luxury Android Phone

Aston Martin, specialized in creating some of the most exquisite cars worldwide, has already proved interest in the mobile phone field. Not long after it collaborated with Mobiado for launching the
Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin, this time British sports car manufacturer is launching a luxury Android smartphone – the Aston Martin Aspire. Recently unveiled in Hong Kong (still not known when it will be available in other countries), this luxury device boasts with an 800 MHz single-core microprocessor, 3.2-inch HVGA display, 512 MB of ROM, 256 of RAM, MicroSD card support, VGA front facing-camera, 5 MP rear camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G. It also uses the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system, one of the most advanced of today. Aston Martin Aspire – new luxury Android phone will cost you $1,290 for the black, white and silver version, while 24 carat gold and rose gold version is a bit more expensive, priced at $1,590. It comes in a rather big retail box which includes, among others, a leather pouch, Aston Martin headphones, and two 1,500 mAh batteries.

Vertu Introduced Its Gold Plated Signature Precious Phone

Vertu's Signature Precious Phone Vertu’s Signature Precious Phone After released the two cell phone Signature Series, the Signature Stainless Steel and Pure Black Signature, luxury phones manufacturer Vertu has recently added a new handset to its Signature lineup, the Signature Precious. The main difference from previous models is the kind of material, and this model is the most expensive. The handset is manufactured only from the finest and ultra-expensive materials, and if you wish it can be manufactured from either red, yellow or white gold. The buttons on the front panel is made using a sapphire, and because it is very hard, then it should be installed using a tool with a diamond end. The patented keypad repose 4.75 carats of solid ruby is designed so that they do not touch the sapphire. Even, the part to put the SIM card is made with gold, and platinum materials.

Vertu Constellation Quest Pink to Impress Your Stylish Geek Girl

Vertu Constellation Ques Pink Vertu Constellation Ques Pink If your girl a tech savvy diva who likes to have a lifestyle concierge at your fingertips to help you book a flight, manage a hotel reservation, mobile shop and much more then Vertu Constellation Quest Pink Smartphone is the most stylish and innovative Valentine’s Day gift for her. Turned out in pink leather and ceramic with crystal sapphire keys, this elegant and girly smartphone is a great present for the 21st-century woman. But Vertu knows it’s not just looks that count. Beyond the exquisite detailing and crystal sapphire keys, Constellation Quest features unparalleled customer services and the ultimate in technical specification. Each handset is equipped with enhanced exclusive services putting the user experience first and foremost. Designed to be effortless and intuitive, this unique QWERTY device extends Vertu Concierge, connecting her with a lifestyle manager, Vertu Remote Assist, providing her with technical assistance 24 hours a day, Vertu Select, a news feed tailored to suit her preferences, and Vertu City Brief, a must for her jet-set lifestyle.

Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch by Alexander Amosu

Amosu's Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch Amosu’s Solid Gold BlackBerry Torch Luxury designer Alexander Amosu has created his latest master piece, 18 carat solid gold BlackBerry Torch. While the mid frame in 18-carat solid gold and weighs in at about 38gms, the other parts are in metallic gold color. The BlackBerry Torch is one of the two hottest BlackBerrys on the market today, along with Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone. And for a mere £8,000 or roughly $12,800, you can now purchase a custom Torch in yellow, rose or pink gold. You can also apparently add your favorite type of diamond to the mix, as well, though it’s unclear how exactly that would affect the price.

Alexander Amosu Unveil iPhone 4 Diamond Spider Edition

Amosu iPhone 4 Diamond Spider Amosu iPhone 4 Diamond Spider The iPhone 4 is an exquisite gadget indeed, but with its sales surpassing 20 million units it takes extra effort to get noticed when carrying one. Fortunately the famous British jeweler Alexander Amosu will give you the chance with its limited edition iPhone 4 Diamond Spider Edition. The luxurious handset comes festooned with 846 VVS1 F color diamonds totaling 5.66 carats with a choice of any color. The Diamond Spider also comes with a special golden number of your choice, for example 07XXX 111111. They will let you choose a unique number, such as your birth date, shirt number, business number or a special number.